the invasion of kitty boy , toy boy and the leprechuan

this is the story of two sisters named marah and sabrina
they both had boyfriends named bradley and austin untill they met five lucky guys
find out what happens

im holding a contest for Louis' and Zayn' girlfriends (they didnt have there real girlfriends)


2. Kitty boy and the amazing carrot

sabrina pov 

hey marah we need to go to class i said as she followed we said see u later to the boys.      our first class was history as i walked in the first thing i see is a few boys mostly nerds but they were trying to get THANK YOU GOD for that shit   then i saidto marah call me PEWdiePiE she said kk PeWdS i said   pewds accepts of this shit then  she gigled then the teacher yelled mrs fry wold you like to share with the class what you were talking about i stood up and said yes maam i would love to and i stood in an military pose with my soultion and said IM PEWDIEPIE SCRUF MAAM and  bowed then sat down every one laughed and th teacher said thank you for sharing that lovly story mrs fry i nodded and said i know i know  im adorable she laughed and said good luck with that i winked at marah to find her nodding her head to a boy that was looking at us he had a kitty binder it was cute so i decided to call him kitty boy 


Harrys pov.      kitty boy.  


she was gorgeous and i mean it with the eyes and the nose i think her amazing cheeks were gorgeous and that smile OMG i think im fallig for her 



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