Spirit Bound

When 21-year-old Katheryn is revived by the paramedics at the site of a shooting she feels lucky to be alive.As tries to fall back into her life strange things begin to happen.She can see the dead.As the events begin to frighten her she soon realizes the ghosts wish for her help.They are the rare few that become earth bound.Can katheryn help these restless spirits cross over or will she fall prey to the darkness that seeks to capture the earth bound essences.


1. Back From The Dead

     The world flashed around me.Images from the last few seconds danced through my mind like a thousand broken mirrors refecting their shattered pictures.I could still see him holding the  gun and pointing it at me.Why did i have to try to play hero.I should have learned by now to know better than to be the good citizen.I scanned my surroundings.All around me were pale translucent figures.They looked at me as if i were simply an old friend.They grabbed for me,desparatley trying to pull me closer into their dead embrace.I looked down at myself and saw that i too shared the translucent figure and pale skin.My hair fell around me in loose curls.My evening gown had been replaced by a long silvery robe.My feet were bare as i drifted through the haunting shapes of the once living souls.Everything had happened so fast I had no time to react.I could still feel the sting of the bullet as it penetrated my chest.All my life i had wondered what death was like.How it felt.What i would see.Who i would see.Suddenly i felt a tug at my body.Like a magnet was drawing me closer farther down.

     "Please no,i shouted.Please dont send me to hell!"i shouted into the nothingness around me.My spirit sank lower and lower into the unknown below me.Suddenly everything went black and a face appered in front of my eyes.



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