Adopted by one direction

Riya's parents died of a car crash when she was only 5 years old and she has been in a foster home ever since. everyone loved Riya because she was nice to everyone. But one day she was called to the office and they said she was being adopted by some on to find out


1. Chapter one GhhjjkkkHHjekrijk

(Isabel's pov) 

i woke up and looked outside my window of my foster home and saw a huge limousine pulling up to the front of the building I was wondering who it was but I was interrupted by a knock on my door  some girl came in and told me to get ready because we have visitors so I did what I was told and got ready. I followed a bunch of other kids into a room and saw five teenage boys standing in the middle of the room talking.i was pretty sure I wouldn't get adopted because I'm just a little six year old and I knew nobody would want me,but then a boy with blonde hair came up to me.


(Niall's pov)

i was looking around and I saw a cute little girl so I went up to her "hey I'm niall,what's your name?" I asked "my names Isabel" said the little girl.0hold on ill be right back" I told her. " okay" she replied.i went over to the guys and told them about Isabel,and they said we could adopt her.

(Isabel's pov) 

i was just sitting there when niall came back and told me to pack my things because I was going to live with him now.

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