The Last Dance

Blurb: 15 year old Macy Maxwell has dreamed of having the perfect prom for the longest time. But, when an old enemy comes back to haunt her, her perfect prom turns into a murder game. Time is running out, and if she doesn't give the killer what they want, this could be the last dance for everyone...


3. School Sucks


Chapter 2: School Sucks


        Every single day, school is the same. Boring old classes, annoying, cranky teachers, and Mindy and the barbies. Thats the worst of it. I hate Mindy more than anything in the world. All I was thinking about all day was the prom and what I was gonna wear. Its the middle of the year. But of course you know that because I was just talking about the prom. I am a straight A+ student, have never had a first kiss, and am a nerd, along with my friends Julia and Ana. We are just like any other girls, but we have HUGE brains. I love that about us, because it really is great to be smart. I am not too skinny or fat, but am just in the middle. I have blond hair and fair skin. Julia has hazelnut hair with blond highlights. (I am so Jealous of her!) And Ana had dark brown hair. We are all going to visit the dress shop tomorrow and use most of the weekend to shop for the prom. Wish me luck in finding myself a dress!



Hey guys! I have decided to go on! The next chapter might be up in a week or so… Be on the look out! 


(Spoiler Alert!) The next chapter will feature the girls getting their accessories and dresses!

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