The Last Dance

Blurb: 15 year old Macy Maxwell has dreamed of having the perfect prom for the longest time. But, when an old enemy comes back to haunt her, her perfect prom turns into a murder game. Time is running out, and if she doesn't give the killer what they want, this could be the last dance for everyone...


1. Prologue


     1. Prologue

         Hi! Im Macy. Just to let you know, I'm going to give you a quick synopsis of whats going on. First, the freshmen prom is coming up, and I am freaking out because I want it to be PERFECT. Second, I am a complete nerd and stand at the bottom of the popularity list. So, just for you to know, if you ever see me hanging around the hallways alone, thats me. And also, of course, in every fairy tale and Disney movie, I have a crush on the most popular guy in school. His name is Matt. And yes, he is the quarterback for the football team, and yes, he only says hi to me in the hallway and smiles, but i'm sure things will turn out the way I hope. But, there is one problem... Mindy. She is the popular girl in school. (And I bet you saw that coming since there is a popular girl in every story, and she has her gang too, and she is a cheerleader, so yeah, just what you were expecting). 

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