The Last Dance

Blurb: 15 year old Macy Maxwell has dreamed of having the perfect prom for the longest time. But, when an old enemy comes back to haunt her, her perfect prom turns into a murder game. Time is running out, and if she doesn't give the killer what they want, this could be the last dance for everyone...


4. Oh So Chic!



3. Oh So Chic!


After school, I was probably the most excited I have ever been. Julia and I were going to the dress store, Oh So Chic, after school today. Ana couldn't come because she had sports today. When we walked in, I saw the most B-E-A-Utiful dresses! The latest from Allure, and Jovani! They were absolutely beautiful!

"OMG! Macy aren't these dresses gorgeous?! I want them all!" Julia squealed. I could see she could not contain her joy. She tried on a lush, blue dress, and a skinny red dress. "I just cannot decide! I love them both, but I think the red suits me more!" She declared.

"Spin for me." I replied. She spun and showed me the back. "I have my decision… You MUST get the red dress! It looks gorgeous!" She smiled back and we switched gears to my dress. I was in between two. I had one that was bright pink with sparkles all over, or a dark blue. I put them both on, and finally decided that the pink one suit me more. Even though I was a blue girl, the pink really looked beautiful on me.


*The next day (Saturday)*

Today, we were visiting Bloomingdales and Lord and Taylor to find shoes to match our dresses. This time, Ana was with us. "So, what shoes are you guys looking for?" I asked. "I need some platform shoes. Preferably black, to give me a touch of bad ass." Julia answered. I laughed silently. Julia was always the one with the fashion sense in our group. "I need some heels." Ana added. I thought about what I needed, but I was interrupted by Julia. " I know what you are thinking Macy... Yes of course I will help you on your quest for the perfect pair of shoes!!!!" She yelped. I laughed." Ok then, no need to reply to that ecstatic comment!" We all laughed and continued on down to the shoe department. Little did I know what would be happening soon...

Haha cliffhanger!!!! What do YOU think will happen? I will give you a hint... It has to do with shoes... And I know you will like it!!!

As you will notice, Ana is mainly just a filler I added to make Macy seem less lonely. Yes, I am a merciful author!!!

Like, Favorite, Comment, Become a FAN!! Love you all!


P.S. Matt will be coming in soon. Very soon. (Ideas forming in head) see ya!

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