Jade Kapan just might be the most normal person you could meet. But don't jump to conclusions, because you couldn't be more wrong. And she has no idea. No idea that the angels fight demons constantly just to keep the humans safe. No idea that she can change the whole course of the war. The only thing is, will she have the strength to make a vital decision?


15. The Maze

"In the meantime, you can have fun in our maze. Good luck with survival and your sanity and all that." The mist darkened, and The Dark One disappeared. Crap. He had all of my loved ones being tortured in his dungeon. I started to walk forward, and found out that the mist, in fact, did form a maze. 

"Let's see how the alleged "Martyr" can do when she's pushed to her limits." A big voice boomed overhead, seeming to come from everywhere and nowhere all at once. I gritted my teeth, and kept right on walking. What did he call me? A Martyr? What was that supposed to mean? I didn't dwell on that very long, when I came across my first challenge. 

          It was Mark. He was in pain. There he was, my knight in shining armor, reduced to a bloody, writhing mass. I ran to his side and looked into his agony-filled eyes. 

"What's–" I couldn't finish, because he lunged at me with his knife. There was no way this could actually be Mark. It had to be a clone or something. But who would make a clone? I mean, seriously? I deflected his strikes with ease, seeing that I had to kill him before he killed me. In the Maze, it was survival of the fittest. He swung, I feinted, and lunged, my blade running through him. I wanted to break down and sob. But I had to keep moving.

          I kept walking, making turns at random, and soon came to a dead end. I had only been standing for a few seconds before I heard the wail. Like a soul in pain. Maybe it was just me, but no such luck. The dirt that I stood on darkened, and I began to sink. Quicksand. A ghastly pale hand erupted from the damp soil and grabbed my ankle. I screamed, and flapped my already open wings, trying desperately to get away. I kicked and flapped, and the hand finally relented. I decided to continue the maze while flying. 

          Unfortunately, Satan didn't feel like letting me be safe even for a little. He swatted me out of the sky, and yet again, I was on the ground, stuck with walking. All of the sudden, there was a bright red flash behind me. I turned around and realized that there was a fire starting to blaze. If I didn't get out of the way quickly, I would be engulfed.

          I started to sprint, desperate to get away from the hungry flames. The smoke pierced my lungs like a knife. It seemed that no matter how fast I ran, the flames were always at my heels. My mind started to race, and, being distracted, I tripped on a root. The flames engulfed me, and I was sure this was going to be the end.

          I woke up strapped to an operation table with searing pain on my back. Then, the events of the past few hours came flooding to my brain. My eyes snapped open. I screamed in fright at what I saw. It was a butcher demon. Classic, I know, but even more scary in person, especially when you're his victim. He dug his blade deeper into my shoulders, and I screamed again, this time in agony. The bitter realization of what was happening came to my barely conscious brain. He was removing my wings. I continued to scream and flail, but that only brought more pain. My vision went red, then suddenly cleared. The job was done.

          The butcher left without a word, taking my limp wings with him. I glanced over my bloody shoulder. There were two indentations where my beautiful white wings had been smoothly attached to my back. I started to sob uncontrollably. My wings. My beautiful wings; gone. The shadows darkened, and out stepped my worst nightmare. Literally. Satan was stepping out of the shadows, with my wings mounted morbidly on a wooden plaque. 



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