Jade Kapan just might be the most normal person you could meet. But don't jump to conclusions, because you couldn't be more wrong. And she has no idea. No idea that the angels fight demons constantly just to keep the humans safe. No idea that she can change the whole course of the war. The only thing is, will she have the strength to make a vital decision?


5. Levels

It was just horrific. The demons. The angels. My street, the same street that I drew with chalk on, and learned to ride my bike, was a battleground. How had I not noticed before.

"Why doesn't somebody help them?" I asked, my voice barely audible.

"No one can see them," Mark answered, "Only demons and angels can see each other."

I heard a blood-curdling screech behind me. Mark turned, unfurled his wings, drew his sword, and lunged. The demon vaporized almost instantly.

"That one just keeps coming back. He's your tormentor." Cassie said grimly.

"Wait, what are you talking about?" I asked, having no clue whatsoever as to what's going on.

"Ok, there are different levels of angels and demons. Angels have more levels, but most of them can't fight, Cassie began to explain. "The lowest of the angels are cherubs. They're baby angels. Then come cupids, guardians, and arc angels. There are so few arc angels."

"Ok, but what about demons?" I asked.

This time Mark explained. "There are only two levels. Tormentors and Alphas. Everyone has a tormentor, just like everyone has a guardian. It's the guardian's job to protect their person from their tormentor. We just killed yours right there. Tormentors will only stay dead for a little while, then they'll come back for more." 

"That is so scary." I said, turning back to the window to watch the battle rage on. Not only were demons vaporizing, but some angels were, too. They evaporated in a cloud of white light. "So, Derek isn't really dead?"

"It's uncertain. He was an alpha, and you can never really know with them." He replied. "Anyways, we need to get you a weapon to defend yourself. No matter what, you can't let yourself be found by them."

"But what about test two?" Cassie asked Mark.

"Screw it. She needs a weapon, and now."

"Okay then. Let's go!" And with that, she jumped out the window.

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