Jade Kapan just might be the most normal person you could meet. But don't jump to conclusions, because you couldn't be more wrong. And she has no idea. No idea that the angels fight demons constantly just to keep the humans safe. No idea that she can change the whole course of the war. The only thing is, will she have the strength to make a vital decision?


8. Hunted

          The three of us glided along, the dying sun warming the backs of our wings. It wasn't long before we finally touched down on the floor of my bedroom. 

"I feel like I'm dying, I'm so exhausted." I complained.

"It's about time we all went home." Mark agreed. I gave them both a hug, before they went swooping out of my window once more. I quickly changed into my pajamas, then, setting my beautiful new sword on my dresser, drifted off to sleep. 

          I woke with a start, feeling like I was falling. Sitting upright in my bed, I had a faint hope that yesterday had been a dream. I cautiously slipped my hand under the back of my shirt, and felt the soft primary feathers. I glanced to the side, my eyes falling on the new hilt with the strange writing on it. I cautiously unsheathed it, still sitting in my bed, and admired the smooth and skillfully crafted surface of the blade. I had to get to school, so I got up to get dressed. I pulled out jeans, and a sky blue v-neck t-shirt. As I went to pull the shirt over my head, my wings unfolded, and I was having trouble getting them back in. 

          I staggered around my room, wings knocking things off my shelves, makeup flying everywhere. I turned as I heard a tap on my window, and peeked through the curtains, only to find Cassie's smiling face looking at me. I cautiously opened the window so she could slip in.

"Having some troubles, aren't ya?" She said, teasing my for the difficulty I was currently facing. 

"Please?" I begged her.

She came behind me, the told me to push my shoulder blades together. My wings came in, tucking in neatly on either side of my spine. It was still really uncomfortable, but I'd get used to it. 

          When we finally made it to school, the first class we had was P.E. Great. More changing shirts. I realized today that Mark, Cassie, and I weren't the only angels in our class. All the "Jocks" were angels. I had already found out that all the populars were demons. It was all still really confusing. 

"Okay, class," Mr. White, our P.E. teacher, started. "Today, we're gonna play soccer. The balls are in the shed, and you can chose your teams. Pennies can be found by the balls." We all lined up, and the team captains were Mark and Derek. Apparently, Derek didn't stay down very long. I got SO many dirty looks from the populars. I was starting to get really nervous, so I rested my hand on the  hilt of my sword. Mark told me to wear it at all times, because normal people won't even see it. And, of course, the populars were one team, and the jocks were the other. The game began, and we started with the ball. It got passed to me by Cassie, and as I went to dribble around Scarlett, she stuck her foot out and tripped me.

"Hey! Watch it!" I retorted indignantly. 

"Opps, sorry." She said in mock pity.

          I quickly get up, and continue to go, when I hear the ring of metal on metal. As I turn, I draw my sword, and find that Mark had just saved my feathery butt. Again. Scarlett's ugly demon face with solid  black eyes glanced at me. The next thing I knew, all the populars had their assorted weapons drawn, and so did the jocks. This was turning into an all-out battle. 

          All the angels had their wings open, using them to distract their opponents. I opened mine, expecting them to get stuck in my shirt, but they just passed right through it. I jumped into battle, engaging a she-demon who I didn't know the name of. When she saw my glowing blade, she hissed, but while she was distracted, I ran her through. As I made my way through the battle, slicing demons into mist left and right, I found myself wing-to-wing with Mark, and surrounded.

          We were badly outnumbered, and all the remnants of the other angels were busy. All the demons attacked at once, and I totally forgot about Mark behind me. I had just finished off the last demon on my half of them that encircled us, when he cried out in pain, and fell to the ground clutching his oozing side. 

"Mark!" I cried out, then lunged at the demon who did this. I dispatched him without a second glance, then went to check on Mark. He was pale and sweaty, his body having muscle spasms. I laid him out on the grass, sobbing uncontrollably as I did so. The battle was dying down around us, as those demons who had enough sense to retreat, did. My vision tunneled, and I looked into his pain-filled eyes. I tried to put pressure on the gaping hole to stop the bleeding, but it wasn't doing much. His breath was becoming ragged and uneven.

"Hang on, Mark." I said, tears still streaming down my face. "CASSIE!" I called, my voice cracking as I did so.

She appeared beside me before inhaling sharply, then pulled out her canteen of healing liquid, and dripped some into Mark's mouth. I cut open the side of his shirt, revealing a six-pack, then watched in wonder as the impossibly deep cut sealed itself before my eyes. Cassie and I each went on either side, and lifted him up to take him to the janitor's closet so the serum would have time to work.

          When we finally set him down, he looked at me through glazed eyes, and mumbled, "You... passed..."

"This was a test?!" I said, outraged that he could let something like that happen to himself.

"Hunted... have to keep...moving" I didn't know what that meant, but it didn't sound good.

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