Jade Kapan just might be the most normal person you could meet. But don't jump to conclusions, because you couldn't be more wrong. And she has no idea. No idea that the angels fight demons constantly just to keep the humans safe. No idea that she can change the whole course of the war. The only thing is, will she have the strength to make a vital decision?


2. Cliques

              I looked around my homeroom and noticed that there were more new people than I had ever seen before. There was a clique hanging out in the corner. I consisted of around 6 rich-looking boys and girls. I immediately decided to call them the "populars." Aside from the usual people who were in my class, there was a second clique. They all looked like very athletic and kind. In my mind, they were the "jocks." Both cliques were gorgeous, like a bus full of models got lost and decided to empty out here. I heard Cassie inhale sharply beside me as she spotted the rich-clique. She seemed like she was familiar with them, but I knew for a fact that she had never seen anyone before, because we always hang out together. A girl from the Populars approached us. She had auburn hair, and was wearing very suggestive "clothing."

"Hey, I'm Scarlett." She said a little too cheerfully. She also glanced disapprovingly towards Cassie, which made me uncomfortable.

"Jade." I said and offered to shake her hand. She just stared at it.

"You're pretty hot. You wanna hang out with me and my friends? We have an extra spot open." She said, while smacking her gum.

"Jade," Cassie said forcefully beside me, "Don't make a choice you'll regret."

Cassie has always been kind of like an advisor to me, and she always makes sure that I make good choices, and yet for some reason, I was tired of her, always ruling my life. I needed a break.

"C'mon, let her think for herself." Scarlett retorted.

I knew that this would be a bad choice, but something in Scarlett's voice made me want to obey her, then have a nice, long chat.

"Yeah," I heard myself say. "What's to lose?" I felt a weird pressure on the top of my head in two spots: one on the left, and one on the right. I didn't think anything of it. Cassie turned and left in a huff. Why wasn't she happy for me? I was just included in the most popular group in school. She was probably just jealous. I looked after her, and saw that she was talking to the jocks. That little traitor. I bet they all had straight A's and had their names engraved in their tighty-whiteties. Noobs. I want to just make their lives miserable. They're too perfect, and they don't deserve happiness.

Wait, what's wrong with me?! I've never acted like this... 

I feel so...

Devious. And I love it.

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