Jade Kapan just might be the most normal person you could meet. But don't jump to conclusions, because you couldn't be more wrong. And she has no idea. No idea that the angels fight demons constantly just to keep the humans safe. No idea that she can change the whole course of the war. The only thing is, will she have the strength to make a vital decision?


17. Alive

"Jade... wake up." Came a voice from somewhere.

I snapped my eyes open and sat up, looking down at my stomach for the blade that had been embedded in it. There was no blade, not even a scar there. I was wearing strange clothes, too. It was a white flowing Greek chiton, which looked totally awkward on me. I looked up at the person who had spoken. It was a man wearing a matching white outfit, with a blue silky sash across his chest. It looked like Jesus.

"Jesus?" I asked.

"Yes, my child." Was his reply, his blue eyes twinkling with a humorous light.

"Why am I here? Why are you here?" I asked, then added, "I should be dead."

"I am here, because I too know what it's like to die for those you love." He had a point, there. "You are here because your work isn't quite finished yet. You will be given another chance. Your friends need you right now." He made a gesture towards the left, and a vision appeared. It was Mark and Cassie and all the others. They were in the throne room, and they were fighting demons. Satan sat on the throne that was meant for the general of the angels, just leisurely watching as if he had all the time in the world. 

"What do you want me to do?  I already died, and it hurt. I'd rather not do it again. Besides, what use would I be? I don't even have wings any more." I protested.

"You need to finish Khoshekh off." Jesus replied.

"Wait, Khoshekh? Who's that? I thought the leader of the demons was Satan. That's what he told me." I was astonished.

"No, Khoshekh is Satan's servant. He does all his dirty work. Never trust a demon."

"What about Ash? He proved himself, kinda." I asked.

"Ah, Ash. He has a good heart. Ash was forced into becoming a demon by Khoshekh." Jesus explained.

"And my wings...?" I pressed.

"For your selfless act, you will be made an arc angel, and be granted the privilege to serve in the angel army for all eternity. If you die, you will reform like demons do."

"Me? An arc angel?!" I asked, stunned.

"Yes, child. And it's time you got back to war. Mark misses you." I ran forward and gave him a hug. I've wanted to do that since I was a child. 

"Farewell, I will see you soon." Jesus said, and I felt like I was falling asleep.

I woke up in the same spot that I had died in. I was standing in the hallway, still in a white dress, but with a silver circlet around my head, and two silver arm bands on my biceps. My sword hung at my side, and I unsheathed it. I was finally able to read the writing on the sword. Inscribed in the colorful blade, was the word "Martyr."

          I heard the roar of battle coming from the throne room, and remembered why I was here. I opened my wings, and almost gasped. The were beautiful, and more broad than before. The shape was like hawk wings, made for power and speed. I had decided not to enter from the front door of the room, rather the trap door in the roof; that way I could come in by surprise. 

          I flew up into the ceiling, and made my way through the maze of air ducts until I came upon the trap door. I then slid it open, and dropped down into the room just behind the throne. With my sword ready in my hand, I approached the throne, and put my blade to Khoshekh's throat. The fighting stopped as soon as everyone realized what was going on.

"Well, Khoshekh, it appears that the tables have turned." I said, peering at his face. His face looked shocked to see that I was still alive, and even knew his true identity.

"Mer...mercy." He pleaded, stumbling over the words due to the blade that was pressed firmly against his trachea.

"I think you've caused too much trouble for mercy." I snarled, then quickly drew the blade across his neck. He gagged, then evaporated. I wondered why I didn't evaporate, but discarded the thought, as it wasn't important at the moment. 

          A gasp erupted from the demons in the room as the thought dawned on them that their leader had been killed. They all fled from the Aether, back to where they belonged. In hell. A cry rose from the surviving angels, as they realized that the battle was over, and they had won. Then I heard my name called by a familiar voice from the crowd.

          I looked for the person who had called my name until my eyes fell upon Mark, and I couldn't help but smile. He was running towards me, until he had me in a tight embrace, in which we were both heroically bawling our eyes out. 

"I thought you were dead!" He explained, seemingly drinking in my presence.

"So did I, and it's a long story for another time. Where's Cassie?" I asked.

"She was disintegrated, but she'll be back in about a month." Mark said.

I was bummed, but I wasn't too sad because I knew she would be back soon.

          The rest of the evening went by in a blur, as  many angels came up and thanked me, even the general of the whole army came up and personally talked to me, and from what I heard, that was a big honor by soldier standards.

          Suddenly, there was a bright white flash, and Jesus stepped into the room. All the angels immediately sank to their knees, and I followed their example.

"Jade, stand up." His voice echoed around the tall cathedral-like room.

I arose from my knees, and approached the deity. 

"Jade Kapan sacrificed her own life to allow a group of angels to escape the clutches of the demons and release the rest of the entrapped army. And for that reason, I award her with this." He held out a small box. Inside was a beautiful necklace. The simple clear heart-shaped stone hung on a silver chain. I was speechless.

"Her heart is pure, as the charm represents."

"Thank you!" I finally found my words.

"Stay safe, child. Remember: I will always be with you no matter what."

The lyrics from a song I had heard on the radio came to my mind: "I know who goes before me, I know who stands behind, The God of angel armies is always by my side." As I thought over those words, the heart pendant grew warmer against my chest.

"Do you even know what that necklace is made of?" Mark asked in shock.

I turned to face him. "No, not really."

"That's made out of celestial ore. It's virtually priceless."

I didn't  know what to say to that, so I just stared dumbly. Mark laughed in reaction to the face I was making.

"C'mon, we should get you home where you will be safer." Mark said, leading me out of the hall.

The war wasn't over, not by a long shot, but for now, I'd just try to live as normal of a life as possible. I don't think I'll go back to school, though. I mean, I am an arc angel, after all.



The End

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