A diary of Lilly Hyland recorded from April 2nd 2011. Her tragic yet happy story is with Harry Styles. This story has One Direction, Little Mix, Union J, and more!!


13. Zayn

July 5, 2012 7:45pm
"Oh my God Harry. I'm so Sorry," I said. 
He was speechless. 
I felt myself ready to throw up again. 
This time I threw up over the edge. 
I fell the ground in pain. 
Harry took off his shoes and he picked me up and carried me back to the hotel. I passed out in his arms and 

July 6,2012 9:30am
I woke up and I felt like crap. I haven't showered since the third. Harry was still sleeping and I went to take a shower. While I was taking a shower I sang. Just like any other human being. I sand Whitney Houston "I Will Always Love You" and Cher Lloyd "Want U Back" 
Once I was done I stepped out of the shower I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around myself. 
I got dressed back In my sweatpants and sports bra and Harry came up to me. 
"You have a really amazing voice," he said.
"Wow thanks,"
"You should sing professionally,"
"I'm not that good,"
"Okay fine. Sing What Makes You Beautiful,"
So I did and he was amazed.
"Wow that was amazing," 
"Thanks! I think I actually have a good voice," 
"You do. I could call some people and maybe you could sing professionally just like me!"
"Wow! Thanks baby!" I jumped into his Arms. 
Tip one: When your sick don't jump
Then I ran to the bathroom and threw up again. 
"You know. I think we should go home. You obviously don't feel good,"
"Thanks baby,"
Then I thought maybe I'm pregnant. I'll check later. 

July 6, 2012 12:00pm
When we got home I didn't feel sick really anymore. Louis Called Harry and we all went to his place so I could meet Danielle, Eleanor and just to hang out. They were both so pretty and we got along very well! We all had so much in common. We already planned a time to go shopping later this week. I knew we all would be friends forever no matter what. All of us together including the boys had an awesome time. Zayn didn't come because he was busy doing something, so he didn't know I was dating Harry again. Once I got home I tested to see if I was pregnant. 
"Harry," I called out. 
"Yes love?" He said coming up to me. 
"I just took a pregnancy test," 
He was very surprised.
"What did it say?"
"It was..... Negative!" 
He picked me up and spun me around and kissed me. 
We were so happy because since I wanted to be a singer I didn't have time to be pregnant.

July 6, 2012 8:45am
That morning we went out to get bagels and coffee. While we were there paparazzi kept taking pictures of us. It was kinda annoying but I didn't mind. Right when we got home Harry got a call from Zayn. I could hear yelling from the phone. Harry  hung up the phone and Zayn  barged in. "Harry!!! What are you doing here?!?!?!" 
"You said you wouldn't date Lily"
"Well I am! I love her!! Something you don't!" 
"Shut up! She played a dirty trick on me and you know it!!"
"Just forgive her!" 
"I can't! She broke my heart!"
"Why don't you just find another girl?!"
"I can't! It's harder than you think!"
"Just forget it! What do you need?!"
" the boys and I wanted to go bowling!"
"Fine lets go!" 
They left yelling at each other and it was all my fault. I feel so terrible. I need to call Zayn.
Z-Lily?  What do you need?
L-I just want to apologize for dating Harry 
Z- I give you respect for saying your sorry. Just why didn't you tell me before?
L-because you would get mad like you did
Z-Okay how about let's just hang out on Friday to just be friends again?
L- that would be nice. Lets just go to a movie at let's say 3?
Z- I'll pick you up 
L-perfect. See ya
Z- bye
End of call. 
I don't honestly know how I feel right now. On Friday I got all ready in just black skinny jeans, batman loose top with a black undershirt underneath, black and white converse, batman bracelet, and I put my hair in a messy high bun. Harry wasn't home so he didn't know yet. Around three someone knock on the door. I fixed my shirt, grabbed my phone with my black purse and ran a little to the door. I opened the door all In smiles thinking it was Zayn. But it was Harry, I smiled even more. "Harry!" I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him. I gave him a long kiss. "Oooo you look all dolled up today" he said while coming in. "Where are you going?" 
"Oh me and Zayn are just going to see a movie to regain our friendship" 
"That's cool. But I'm gonna miss you" 
"I'm gonna miss you to baby" I gave him another kiss. Then Zayn knocked on the door. "Bye 
"Bye Lily,"
I opened the door and Zayn was there in his usual.  We left and went to his car. We just drove pretty much in silence cause there wasn't much to say.  Once we got to theater we say bridesmaids sense it was my pick. During the previews I had the candy. 
"Hey Lily  can you pass me my Twix?" Zayn asked me. "Sure" I handed it to him. He had the popcorn on his lap  perfectly balanced. Our fingers touched and he frozen completely. "Zayn?" I asked. He snapped out of it and all the popcorn fell on the ground. "Oh I'm so sorry" he apologized. "I'll get a new one"
"No allow me" I said. On the way I thought about this. I didn't want to be anymore than good friends with Zayn Nothing more, nothing less. At the counter I was waiting for them to finish putting the butter on and this girl behind me said something To me. "Oh I hear your on a date with Zayn Malik?" 
"No actually I'm dating Harry Styles,"
"Zayn doesn't think that"
"Of course he does. He knows I love Harry,"
"Sure he does. Then why did he tweet "beginning of the best day of my life?"
"I don't know. Just I need to go" 
I left and went back to the theater. 
Harry was on his phone and quickly shut it off before I sat down. "Your back!"
"Yeah I got the popcorn"
During the movie I noticed Zayn was like starting at me. I turned towards him. "What?" I whispered. 
He just started at me. He started to lean in to kiss me. "No!" I whispered loudly. I stopped him. "What?"
"You know I love Harry"
"I thought it was a moment there. Well I'm sorry!"
After the movie it was quite awkward. He drove me home and sense I lived alone it was lonely. I was reading a magazine while drinking tea peacefully then Eleanor called me. She invited me and Danielle over to go shopping. We bought so many beautiful things and I even bought something for Harry.  When we got home it was like 8:00pm. IThe next day I invited Niall over to play games. We played like very game invited. We also ate pretty much everything in my fridge and cabinets. After me and Niall had to go to the store to full up all the cabinets and fridge we totally emptied. While we were shopping we got side tracked. We bought to many  hostess products we spent tons on just that. We came back to my house and ate a box of twinkies and a box of ho hos. I didn't get sick while tell the next morning. But I don't regret a thing! Also in the morning on the cover of the Sun magazine was me with Harry at the movies and Niall at the store and the headline was "Where's Harry?!" Everyone knew I was dating Harry so that's why it said that. In both the pictures I was ether hugging them and smiling or laughing with them. It didn't bother me at all most people it would bother but not me. I was lying on my couch with tea again reading that magazine when Harry  came over. "Come in!" I moaned. He came in upset with the magazine I had. "What's this?" 
"A magazine" I joked. 
"Really Lily?!"
"I'm sorry! It's totally not like it looks like!"
"Really? Are you totally truthful?"
"Yes Harry pinky Swear!"
We did a pinky swear and that was it.
Me and Zayn were really close though surprisingly. Zayn invited us all over to his house for breakfast. Harry said we had to wait to eat. "Why do we have to wait to eat?" Niall and I asked. It was hard cause it was a huge buffet of food. "I'm just waiting for someone special" he said. We waited like 10 more minutes then this girl with short blonde hair and light eyes came out of his bedroom with his clothes on. My eyes widened. She was gorgeous. He put his arm around her waist. "Alright everyone this is Perrie. She's in Little Mix" Zayn  said.  "Hi everyone" she said shyly. We all said hi and she sat down next to me and we started to eat finally. "So are you dating Harry? Right?" She asked. "Yeah" I said while sipping my juice. We became friends easily. While Harry  was at home I always was on the Internet. I came across an article about Zayn and his new girlfriend. Some pictures with them together and kissing. Zayn seemed so happy but I just wasn't. I was looking at pictures of Zayn and just fangirling believe it or not. Harry walked and I quickly exited the page. "What were you doing?" He asked. "Oh nothing" I said. This happened about a week after the storm has been going on. "Well anyway the storm has cleared up and we all wanted to go to the bar. "Oh I'd love that" I said while grabbing my purse. He drove me there. Usually we always have something to talk about, not this time though. "What's wrong darling?" He asked while rubbing my knee. "Umm it's Zayn's  new girlfriend" I said. "Are you jealous?" 
"No, but it's hard once you dated someone and see them dating someone else"
"But you have me"
"Thank God" I smiled. He laughed a little and we got there. Eleanor and Louis were there with Harry and his girlfriend. I didn't sit by her, I say by Zayn and across from Harry. The rest came and We were all talking for a long time having fun.  Perrie said that she could ask Simon if i could join Little Mix with her. ( if i was good enough) It was my dream! "well I have to drop Eleanor off, she's getting tired" 
Louis said. " which reminds me Danielle needs to get up early so we are leaving too" 
Niall and Harry  took Perrie home so it was just be and Harry. "Soo" I said sipping my drink. "You know what I haven't done in a while?" He asked me. "What?" 
" watched those kid shows at like 2am to remind myself of my childhood" 
"Well we could go to my place and watch them. They should be on in like 15 minutes"
"Alright lets go" 
He drove us to my house and he sat down on the couch and turned on the TV while I got just candy. " here I got your twix" I handed it to him. He turned it on and we watched for a while. Zayn opened his twix and I watched him open it. I finally lost it. I grabbed the twix and threw it across the room and grabbed his face and kissed it passionately. He put his hands on my face and started French kissing me and moaning. He was smiling In between kisses. "Lets move this somewhere else" I moaned. He lifted me up and brought me to my bedroom still kissing me. He threw me on the bed and we went wild all over the place. 

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