A diary of Lilly Hyland recorded from April 2nd 2011. Her tragic yet happy story is with Harry Styles. This story has One Direction, Little Mix, Union J, and more!!


11. Will you........

July 3, 2012 6:30pm
After I graduated from high school my moms sister that lives In America won the lottery and gave it all to my mom and on top of the money she already makes we were millionaires. 
Since that I not really stalked One Direction. I'm just kidding I absolutely loved them. Harry was my favorite but as every directioner I had a special place on my heart for all of them.  I was right about to leave for dinner with Becca when I heard the door open. I walked towards the door and all the boys were walking in, laughing and talking.
"Oh Shit"
They didn't see me yet so I hid in the kitchen pantry. 
I totally forgot to move out! After all this time! 
"Hey guys I'm starving!" Niall said. 
"Then go grab something to eat," Harry said. 
"Fine ill do it," Niall said. 
They laughed a little. 
I heard footsteps coming towards me  and I had no where to hide. 
He opened the door. 
"Lil-" I pulled him in quickly and covered his mouth. 
"Don't say anything. I forgot to move out so please don't snitch on me," 
"After all this time?"
"Yeah I'm stupid,"
"Well I mean you cheated on Harry,"
"Are you okay Niall?!" Liam yelled. 
"I'm fine I just can't decide!" 
"Let me help!" 
Liam started coming towards us and I pulled him in and told him. 
"I won't. Just make up already," Liam said.
"Harry's still mad though," Niall said. 
"I honestly don't care," 
"How about this ill bring you up as a subject and lets see what they both say," 
"Okay thanks,"
"Guys I still need food!"
"Here take the chocolate chip cookies!"
"They're still warm," he said.
"Yeah I made them like 1 hour ago,"
"Why did Harry ever leave you," he said mesmerized by the cookies. They both left and the plan worked. 
"Sooo, since we're back in London, are you gonna see Lily again. And you know make up?"
" I don't know. She really hurt me bad. Same with Zayn," Harry said.
"Come on Harry. You know you would hit that," Louis said.
"Maybe one more time. Haha. She's hot I know," 
"See you do want her back!" Niall said.
"I never said that! Just cause she's hot doesn't mean I date her. It's just every time I close my eyes I see her, I want to be with her all the time, and hold her hand and never leave her. But not date her or even be her boyfriend,"
"What you just described is her boyfriend and a Clingy one at that," Louis said. 
"So you really feel that way?" Niall asked.
"Haha! No! I tricked you guys! I'm done with her! Forever! I never want to see her again! Screw her!" 
When I heard that I slid down the wall sobbing, holding in my tears. I didn't realize it till then but I loved Harry more than anything. 
I realized Zayn was quiet that entire conversation, till he said: Guys I gotta pee. 
He went to the bathroom and when he came out holding my lavender soap. 
"Harry, tell me why you have lavender soap in your bathroom. You know how girly this is?"
"What? I don't have- hold on guys" I heard him run to my room. 
"Lily!!!" I heard him yell. 
"If you are here, come out now!" 
I continued sobbing and came out. 
They all looked at me and Harry finally walked towards me. 
"Lily! Why are you still here! I broke up with you over a year ago!"
"Please don't yell at me!!"  I screamed as loud as I could. 
They all were silent. 
"Can we have some privacy?" Harry asked them. 
We went into the bedroom. 
"So why are you still here?" 
"I don't know!" I started bawling. 
"Why are you crying baby, I mean Lily?"
"Because I'm sorry! I've been sorry for the last year! I still love you! But I heard what you said out there! You don't love me back! So just forget it!"
"Shhh. Lily don't cry," he hugged me. 
"What I said to Liam was all 100% true plus I do want to be your boyfriend, I want to date you! I said I was just kidding because I didn't want them to think I was so you know not tough. I love you!" 
I smiled. 
He got down in one knee. 
"Lily Hyland will you marry me?"





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