A diary of Lilly Hyland recorded from April 2nd 2011. Her tragic yet happy story is with Harry Styles. This story has One Direction, Little Mix, Union J, and more!!


4. We had something

April 5,2011 10:50pm
"Becca? Guess what just fricken happened?!"
"What girl?!"
"Harry Styles is now my boyfriend! We were just making out for like 20 minutes!"
"You did what?!"
"I kissed him!"
"Have you lost you're mind?! He's a player! He doesn't really love you! He's playing with your heart!"
"No he's not! Trust me!  He changed!" 
"Yeah that's what pregnant girl number one said. And pregnant girl number two, almost as fast as pregnant girl number three did and four,".
"He won't get me pregnant! I'm too smart for that!"
"Do I need to go over the pregnant girls again?"
"You know what?! I don't care! Goodbye!"
I hung up angry, she didn't know me! 

April 6,2011 9:30am
The next day everything was fine between me and Becca. Of course. Me and Harry never showed PDA during school, well at least in front of anyone. We would ditch class and have a private make out session. We didn't have a lot of classes so we couldn't really talk, except after school. Everything was of course amazing with me and Harry. We went on tons of dates an had so much fun! He still hasn't wanted to sleep with me yet. He lived by himself which was even better! "Hey why do you live by yourself?"
"Well I don't want to live with them, because they have stupid rules. So I live here," 
"That's nice. We can always be by yourselves!" I said leaning in to kiss him.
He parted.  "Which reminds me. Wanna go to prom with me?" He Asked. 
"Oh my God! Yes of course!"
Then we had another kissing session. 
I started to change my wardrobe a little. I went from less revealing things to more revealing things with low cuts and short pants. I darkened my hair to dark brown and got a nose stud. I loved myself and so did Harry.
Me and Becca also went shopping for prom. She was somehow going with Ian, the hot guy. But I was going with Harry so I was fine. I got a real colored medium length cut dress with a tight low cut. With of course, GLITTER!  My mom still didn't find out about Harry, because I would go to his house, or lie I was with a friend sleeping over. Harry was the perfect one for me! I loved him so much! No one at school really knew yet, but it didn't matter. 
May 12,2011 12:00
"Lily, you seem different," Becca said during lunch. 
"What do you mean?"
"Well, look how your dressed! You look like a slut!"
"I do not!"
"Harry has changed you! Think about it! You've changed completely!"
"I don't care!" All I know is he loves me! And he's going to prom with me TONIGHT!" 
May 12, 2011 1:45
I found Harry in the hallway by his locker and his "cool" friends. We've never showed PDA before in public and I was just about to. 
I walked up to Harry and said: Hey baby. While kissing him. 
His face went pale. 
"What? You have a girlfriend?" One of them asked. 
"He sure does!" I said happily. 
"No I don't! Get off of me you slut!" Harry said while pushing me away. 
"Harry Styles doesn't have girlfriends. You must me another "booty call" they said while laughing. 
"Yeah! You're just another one of them! Ha you actually thought you could be something more?! Ha. Never in a million years," 
By this time our whole grade and more were listening. Including Becca. 
"Wh- What?" I said started to cry. 
"I love you," I said.
"I don't love you. So shoo whore!" He said laughing with his friends. I started to cry and ran away to the bathroom and Becca followed. 

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