A diary of Lilly Hyland recorded from April 2nd 2011. Her tragic yet happy story is with Harry Styles. This story has One Direction, Little Mix, Union J, and more!!


9. Try something new

May 21, 2011 12:00am
They all looked at us while I walked in. 
"Guys this is Lily. Lily this is Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis,"
"Hey Lily," they all said in unison. 
I waved awkwardly. 
"Are you hungry at all?" Niall asked. 
"Not really. I'm just a little tired," 
"You can just sleep in my bedroom," Harry said.
"Are you guys still leaving tonight?" 
"Yeah. Management insists," Liam said. 
"But we just got back together," I told Harry. 
" I know. That why I wanted to go to Paris with you and only you," he said.
Then he kissed me. 
"Alright alright love birds. Get a room," Louis said.
"When are you guys leaving?" 
"In like 10 minutes," Zayn said. 
"What? 10 minutes!"
"That's just enough time for you to meet the boys more well" 
I sat down next to Zayn first.
"Well hi" I said 
Talk, talk, talk. All that matters is I got his number to talk as FRIENDS. 
He's the only guy I got his number from. 
"Well, it's time to leave boys," Niall said. 
I turned to Harry. 
"I guess this is goodbye," I said half smiling. 
"Yeah, it is,"
I completely lost it. 
"Don't leave me! You can't!" 
He didn't know it but I had extreme abandonment issues. 
"It's okay baby. I'll always call, and Skype,"
"Okay, okay," 
"Goodbye Lil," 
He gave me one last kiss and left me in his apartment .
I was alone in the darkness. 

May 22,2011 9:30am 
I was woken up from my beautiful dream with a text message from Zayn.

Z- Hey Lily! It's Zayn! 
L-Hey boy hey! What's up?
Z- Were on a plane to America! 
L-That's awesome! Tell Harry I said hey! 
Z- oh he's sleeping still. 
L- well, sucks for him! Haha. Just kidding. 
Z- I guess your stuck with me! 
L- Haha! That's perfectly fine. 
We talked all morning long. Pretty much about getting to know each other. He was such and so funny! We had to end the call because he had to go. While I was alone I kinda talked to myself. 
"So what am I going to do on a Saturday? Um lets read my horoscope. Blah blah oh it says try something new.  Oh try something knew? Hmmm? Lets go to Harry's room. Open the drawer. Oooooo! The bags Of stuff!"
I took a lot out and rolled  it up And got my lighter and just smoked a bit. I exhaled it and the smoke exited my mouth I started getting dizzy and started seeing things. 
*Everything next is things she sees that's not really there*

"Harry? Is that you baby?" I walked over to him.
"Hi Lil!" 
"I thought you were on tour?"
"I came back all for you,"
He kissed me and then disappeared.
"Harry! Where did you go?!"
I started stumbling all over the place. 
Harry appeared again. 
I ran over to him and he disappeared and I hit my head on the wall and blacked out. 

May 22, 3:00am 
I needed a lot more sleep than I thought. I looked at my phone and it said 3:00am and 10 missed calls from Harry and 20 missed text messages. 
They all wondered where I was because I haven't talked to anyone since I blacked out.  I face timed Harry once I woke up. 
He didn't answer right away but when he did he had a blonde with him and they were so excited and full of smiles. 
"Hey Lily! Look this is Krista! I met her at a signing and she's awesome!" He said. 
"No your more awesome!" She said while slamming her lips to his cheek. 
"Ugh," I rolled my eyes. 
"Your the most awesomest person I the whole wide world!" Harry said to her. 
" you made up a word for me!"
"Yeah cause your awesome! Watch out someone's getting a kiss!"
He started kissing her all over her neck while she giggled.
I hung up and threw my phone across the room. I hugged my knees to chest and sniffled. He betrayed me. I knew he couldn't be trusted over the tour.
I called Zayn. 
L-Do you wanna go out with me

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