A diary of Lilly Hyland recorded from April 2nd 2011. Her tragic yet happy story is with Harry Styles. This story has One Direction, Little Mix, Union J, and more!!


10. The Fight

May 22, 2011 3:10am
Z-What? Me? 
L-Yes you
Z-What about Harry
L-Screw him. He's having fun with another girl
Z-Well sure. I don't remember him with a girl though. oh well Lets go on a date. Tomorrow. I'll make it home somehow. I'm not that far away. 
L-Perfect. See ya later.
Z- Bye 

"Ha that will show him!"  I said to myself. 

May23, 2011 12:00pm
Z-I just got on a plane back home. I'll be home around 5. I'll pick you up at Harry's place around 6. 
~Zayn x
I was so happy but also nervous. What if Harry found out? 
What if he dumped me? 
It's too late or Zayn to go home, he's already on his way!  It's all okay. 
I calmly made myself some lunch and watched Netflix till about 4. Then I took and shower and curled my hair. I put a nice little black bow in my hair, and I put on black jean shorts, with a black and white crop top. I also wore flats, hoops and a silver necklace. I was putting on my makeup when the doorbell rang.
"Wow Zayn's early," I said.
I went to the door and to my surprise was Harry standing there with flowers. 
"Surprise!" He said. 
I pretended to act happy. 
"Yay your here!" 
When I said that I saw Zayn pull in downstairs. 
"Fuck," I whispered.
"What?" He asked.
"No nothing. Just excuse me for one second. K? Bye,"
I ran towards the door and opened the door and he was already there. 
"Okay Lil. I got here as fast as I could with Harry ever seeing me.  But lets start with-" then he noticed Harry.
"Zayn?! What the hell!!!! Tell me he's not here not here on a date!"
"Umm," I said. 
"Are you fucking serious?!?! What did you take? Drugs or something?"
"Um no!!"
He ran to go check.
"Oh My Fucking God! You did! You told me you would never ever do this to your body!"
"Well I'm sorry!! Your the one who was mackin' on another girl while face timing me!!"
"What that never ever happened! I haven't hung out with a girl besides you since I left!" 
"No you lied! I saw!"
"Are you sure you weren't high?!"
"No! Oh wait......"
I was thinking. Oh god I actually was high. 
"Hold on! So you lied to me too?!" Zayn asked. 
"You know what! Screw you! I came back all for you! Well bye!" 
Zayn left slamming the door. 
It was just me and Harry left in the apartment. 
He broke down. 
"You know I though we really had something here. I was going to come back from tour and I actually was going to purpose. I thought even though were young, we loved each other enough that we could get married, start a family. I loved you enough to stop the whole tour, millions of fans just to see you. That obviously wasn't enough,"
After that he left and didn't see him till July 3, 2012. The end of the Up All Night Tour. 

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