A diary of Lilly Hyland recorded from April 2nd 2011. Her tragic yet happy story is with Harry Styles. This story has One Direction, Little Mix, Union J, and more!!


15. Secrets

August 7, 2012 5:35am 
During my blackout I kept hearing the words: Your not perfect. You'll never be perfect.
Whispered In my head. Over and over again. 
I opened my eyes just barley to realize I was in a huge hospital room with tubes in my arms and up on up my nose. It had glass windows and I saw Harry outside of them. He was wearing black skinny jeans, a muscle shirt, and converse.  and He saw my eyes open and his hands pressed up against the glass, while his nose fogged it up. He was smiling really big and was motioning for doctors to come. They busted in and I shut my eyes again because there was so much light it hurt. I woke up again about an hour later and Harry was sitting next to me.
"Harry?" I whispered. 
"Hey Lil," 
"What happened?" 
"While I was trying to get in the bathroom the door broke and it you in the head. You got knocked out so I took you to the hospital and while that was happening you had a seizure and slipped into a coma for a month,"
"A month?!"   
"Yes and I'm so sorry. One for hitting the door against your head and if i did anything for you to think your not perfect, because you are! You are the best person in the whole world," 
I blushed and smiled brightly. 
"Thank you Harry," 
He kissed me on the cheek and held my hand tightly. 
"I love you baby," he said while kissing my hand. 
"I love you too sweetie," 
Harry stayed with me till he was requested to leave. 

August 28,2012 7:30pm
I went through a couple weeks of keymotherapy and I couldn't see Harry. I was in a deep hole of sadness and loneliness. On top of that I was gaining weight. I was very depressed. The one thing that was keeping me alive was knowing I could leave and see Harry today. He didn't know I was coming home though. I got a taxi to take me home and I was walking up to the door and I knocked on the door and was so hopeful. I saw the knob turn and Harry appeared in front of me. 
I went over two months with no sex I needed something. 
"Fuck me!"
I jumped into his arms and started madly kissing him. We stumbled in his bedroom, our hands all over each other. Our lips kissed messily, our tongues dancing crazy. My legs were wrapped around his waist as he held me against the door, His large hands lifted my black dress.   We pulled away and he set me down. 
Wasting no time, our clothes were quickly shoved off. He was just in boxers and i was in my lace bra and underwear. His face held a smirk before lifting me again, his hands under my thighs before connecting our lips again. My hand traveled up to his curly hair, fisting it in my fingers. I wanted him so bad. 
The wetness in my panties was against his hard crotch. He laid me on the bed, hovering over me, his body between my legs. My wrists were grabbed then pinned above me. I whimpered, wanting to touch his beautiful body that I’m lucky to have for myself right now.
With one hand, he held my wrist above me and I watched him as he dug his hand under me to unclasp my bra before quickly sliding it off my arms. My nipples were hard as his mouth came down to lick and nip at the sensitive nub. I moaned, he was driving me crazy, I wanted him right now. 
“Damn, I want you right now!” I groaned, gritting my teeth. 
He held a smirk, enjoying my plea. He shoved down his boxers and helped me remove the last piece of clothing on me. I lifted my legs as he slipped them down and shoved the clothing aside, carelessly. He went back up to me, his face above mine. He was panting and slightly sweating. I could feel his hard length against my wet heat. 
“Agh…!” I winced when he slammed into me so hard, I felt him in my lower abdomen. God, he was huge. Poor vagina. 
His hand pressed against the pillow beside me and the other grabbed my leg and wrapped it around him, making it easier to thrust into me. He watched me as my lips parted, losing my breath. He moaned, his hot breath was felt on my tongue. My fingers fisted the sheets before raising my hand to his sweaty cheek and pulling him down to my lips. 
I moaned in his lips when he hit the good spot inside me. I brought my hands up to his shoulders, under his arms. He exhaled loudly in every thrust but I was speechless. Only soft whimpers and moans escaped my parted lips. 
The speed in his thrusting went faster making me yelp. His eyes squinted, scrunching up his face. I lifted my hips, following his rhythm, our sweaty chests, patting against each other. 
“I’m s-so close…” I stammered, digging my nails in his back. 

“M-Me too…” He breathed on my face. 
I could tell by now the bed must be a mess, pillows and blankets scattered around us. Harry gripped my leg again and thrusted harder. 




With that we came. Out heads rolled back, groaning out. My nails scratched down his bare back, my sight nothing but the color white. He continued thrusted slowly before pulling out and laying tiredly on me. We were panting like we’ve been under water far too long. 
“Oh my god” 
Our heavy breathing echoed in the room. He rolled off me and laid next to me. On our backs, looking up the ceiling My eyelids got heavier by the second before closing shut, drifting to sleep. 
He was sound asleep, his eyes fluttered shut, a small curl hanging down, covering his eye. I quietly walked up to him and brushed it back behind his ear. He really looked beautiful even thought he’s a boy. A boy I had drunk crazy sex with. 

August 29, 2012 10:20am 
It was Liam's 20th birthday and we were all going to his huge party Danielle threw for him. I walked downstairs to breakfast and nothing was there like its supposed to be. I walked back upstairs and Harry wasn't bed. His car keys were gone too. I was right about to open the door to get myself breakfast and Harry came in and his button up shirt was open, his hair was really messy, and he seemed very tired. 
"Babe, where were you?"  I asked. 
"Umm. I was getting breakfast,  Um and the paparazzi mobbed me and took it. Yeah,"
It seemed suspicious what he was saying. 
"Oh baby. Are you okay?" I said.
"Maybe. If I get a kiss from my darling," 
I went on my tip toes to lean up to kiss him. 
Eleanor texted me.
- Lily, you, Me, and Danielle are going shopping for tonight's party. We want you to come. We'll  pick you up in 1 hour. 
"Oh god I better get ready," 
I ran upstairs and quickly slapped some outfit together. 
A white sundress with tan heels and gold Jewelry and my hair was straightened.
"Bye baby!" I said while running out the door. I grabbed the phone off counter. 
"Hey girls!" I said while hopping in the car. 
"Hey Lil," Eleanor said. 
"Hey," Danielle said.
" I really don't know what to buy!"
"Well, depends how much you have" Danielle said.
"I don't think that's a problem," 
We all laughed. 
While we were at the mall, I thought of the Zayn thing. I should totally tell them. They are my best friends, they will know what to do. 
"Guys can I tell you something personal? You can't tell anyone. Especially Harry!"
"Promise," they said in unison. 
"I slept with Zayn,"
They gasped while I put my head down. 
"How was it?" Eleanor asked.
"El! That doesn't matter!" Danielle said while hitting her arm. 
"I know but, it's Zayn you know!" She said. 
"Anyway," she continued. 
"We have something else to say too. Harry's Umm-" 
I cut her off. 
"Hold on, I got a text. 
I checked it and it was from a girl named Victoria. 
-Hey babe. I'm on my way over. I'm bringing Nando's takeout then I want you to do me on the couch like this morning. 
I saw the lock screen and it was Harry's phone. I took it by accident. 
I showed them the text. 
"That's what we were gonna tell you. Harry's been cheating on you since you we're in your coma for a month. He needed some girl to bang so. Yeah," 
I couldn't breathe. My whole world collapsed in one moment. 
"Should we confront him right now?" I asked them. 
"No! Lets just spy on him to make sure he is. If he is, don't say anything! Just walk away," 
We drove to my house  and I snuck in silently. I looked up and they were making out on the couch. Harry was on top of her and he was taking off her shirt, while kissing her neck. 
I was holding in my tears as best I could. I couldn't talk let alone breathe. She ripped off the necklace I gave Harry and threw it across the room and broke it. I had to cover my mouth so I didn't make any crying noises. I was watching before My eyes my boyfriend cheat on me.  They were taking each others clothes off and Harry picked her up and brought her upstairs to the bedroom. I heard groaning, moaning, and her screaming Harry's name. I left in a ocean of tears and fell to the pavement downstairs and cried my eyes out. 


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