A diary of Lilly Hyland recorded from April 2nd 2011. Her tragic yet happy story is with Harry Styles. This story has One Direction, Little Mix, Union J, and more!!


12. Paris

July 3, 2012 6:50pm
Harry's POV:
Did I really ask that question? 
What will happen if she says no?
"Yes! Oh my God yes!" 
She jumped into my arms and kissed me so passionately. We started French kissing next till finally he parted. 

"Lets go to Paris. Tonight," he said. 
"Tonight?" I said while my eyes widened. 
"Yeah tonight. But first-"
"Um Harry we'll be going!" Zayn said through the door. 
"As I was saying lets take a shower together. For the first time," 
"Lets go baby," I said while grabbing his face and kissing it. He started kissing my neck giving me little nibbles. He brought me into the bathroom and he took all of my clothes of and I did the same to him. He turned the water on while kissed him down his face. He picked me and and put his tongue in my mouth while he put me on the wall. I groaned and he began again, pushing me up against the shower wall. He had mastered getting hard over me. His hands slid down my back and cupped under my arse. He groaned and hitched me up, holding me as he pushed into me again. It felt a lot better this time round. He pulled my thigh up and hitched my leg around his waist. He had a steady rhythm going and had me writhing against the wall, wanting him more and more. He pulled my other leg up so that I was wrapped around him. He lasted a while and I kept it up too. 
After he pulled out, he grabbed the body wash and poured some into his palm. He turned me and kissed at my neck whilst giving me a soapy message. It was an extremely hot situation. 
"Wow," Harry smiled as he turned the shower off and grabbed me a towel. I wrapped it around me. He leaned and kissed me. 
"How about before we go Paris tonight, let make a baby," he said.
"Tonight babe,"
"Lets get started," I said while I let the towel fall. The room was filled both of your loud moans. You were getting wetter  by the second and by the feel of his erection on your thigh he was to . " lets skip the for play tonight I just wanna be in you ’ and with that said he slams himself inside you. You arch your back, and scream his name   in responds . ‘That’s right baby  Scream my name I want the neighbors to know who is making you feel this good’  he says while thrusting fast and hard. 
It wasn’t long after when you started to feel that familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach.
‘Harry im gonna-’ You were cut  off by Harry ‘I know baby hold for a few more seconds. Im almost there’ 
You nodded your head and shut your eyes trying to concentrate.
‘Ok, On three. One, Two , THREE!’ 
Right then and there you both climaxed as you felt your liquides mixing together.
Harry just layed there on top of you trying to get his breath back.
Few seconds later he rolled off and said still panting ’ Wow! That was amazing!’. ’ It sure was’ you said smiling. 
"Now lets pack, for Paris baby," 
We packed and finally got to the airport. Right before we got on the plane I turned to Harry. 
"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked. 
"Yes. Lets go. Have the time of our lives," 
He gave me one last kiss. 
There we were on a plane to Paris, France. 

July 4 2012 7:45pm
Once we landed we checked into our 5 star hotel in the presidential suite. 
"Oh My God. This is amazing! Look at the view," I said running towards the window. 
"It's very gorgeous. Just like you," he said while wrapping his arms around my waist behind him.  He started kissing my neck. 
"Hey not yet. Lets go to dinner first. 
At this amazing restaurant, on the balcony,"
"Alright, lets go," he said while taking my hand. 
We romantically walked to the restaurant. His fingers intertwined with mine, the moonlight shining down on us, the starts twinkling in the sky, and walking with the love of my life Harry Styles. There walking I had a flashback to when we first met, the first thing he ever said to me. "Get out of the way bitch!" 
I laughed thinking about it. 
"What's so funny?" He asked.
"I just remembered the first thing you ever said to me. 
"Oh. I still hate myself for saying that to you. Especially when I hurt your head," 
"Don't hate yourself. It's no big deal. As long as you don't hurt me or anyone at all, it's fine,"
After I said that I felt his hand tightened and his teeth clenched. 
Once we got to the restaurant, like I thought we got the balcony table, by ourselves, with a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. 
"Isn't this just lovely?" He asked while taking a sip of his red wine. 
"Yes. I love this city. All the pretty lights at night. The water view and just everything!" I said while smiling brightly.  
"Haha. I love you so much," he said smiling. 
"I love you too," I said back. 
We had a nice dinner and when we got back to the hotel we turned on the flat screen TV and cuddled up with a nice blanket and champagne. 
We watched Love Actually till I fell asleep. 

July 5,2012 10:30am
I woke up with waffles, bacon, eggs, and orange juice laid out on the table. 
"Do you do this for me?" I asked. 
"For us," he said while kissing me on the cheek. 
After I ate it all I felt a kinda sick, but to spare the fun of the weekend I'll pretend I am. 

July 5, 2012 12:00pm
I was lying down on the couch feeling like shit. My stomach was hurting me so Much and Harry wanted me to walk around with him. 
"Lily, lets go for a nice walk down my the water," Harry said. 
"Alright babe. Just give me a second,"
I grabbed my coat and he took my hand and we headed out. 
Harry was wearing a beanie but I convinced him to have some hair out. 
Looking at the water made me feel sea sick and I felt even more terrible. 
"Are you okay baby? You look very pale," 
"Oh you know the light out here is making me look pale,"
"Oh. Well this is lovely. I happy we get this moment together," 
He leaned in to kiss me and I was frightened, because I was scared I was just gonna throw up ether in his mouth or face. 
"Uh no. Your gonna have to wait," I said smiling. 
"Fine," he said just kissing my head. 
"And guess what? Tonight we are going to have dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower,"
I was really  afraid of heights and they made me sick so this was fricken perfect. 

July 5,2012 7:30pm
"Ready to go babe?" Harry asked outside the bathroom.
When I yelled that I threw up in my mouth the  completely let it out in the toilet. 
I wore a beautiful red dress with a low cut that made me look sexy. 
He brought me there and on the way to the top I was right about to throw up. If I saw any food I was literally about to throw up. 
"Look at this view over the edge," Harry said. 
"Isn't it beautiful?" 
I nodded. 
The waiter came over with our bread and little bits of chicken. 
"Your appetizers," he said. 
"Oh God!" I said. 
Right there and then I threw up on the Harry's feet and pants.
I looked up at Harry and he looked completely disgusted. 


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