A diary of Lilly Hyland recorded from April 2nd 2011. Her tragic yet happy story is with Harry Styles. This story has One Direction, Little Mix, Union J, and more!!


3. My happy ending

April 5, 2011 10:30 
Throughout the whole day Harry has and always was surrounded by guys. Hot guys. On my way to Biology we had a substitute. 
He gave us assigned spots, Which sucked. 
I didn't get to sit by anyone, like I always did. Then Harry walked in. He looked so frustrated and sad. He threw his books on the floor next to the table I was at and sat next to me with his head down. I didn't care,  he was mean to me. Karma's a bitch. During class I couldn't focus. One thing cause Harry was sitting next to me, he was gorgeous! But yet so mean. Second i started to hear little whimpers. I tapped him. 
"Hey are you okay?" 
"I'm fine," 
Then he just left the room. No one noticed but me. "Can I be excused?" I asked. He let me leave and I followed him down the halls.  He kept running faster and faster. I had to take off my heels and chase him. He stopped when he came to the gym doors. He fell to the ground crying, very loudly. I sat down next to him. 
"Why are you here?" He asked while in tears. 
"I'm wondering to know if you're okay?"
"Well I'm not okay? I'm not! My best friend died last night! We were driving drunk and we crashed and he died! Are you happy?! You know now!" 
Then he hid his head in his hands. 
"Hey how about do make you feel better lets ditch school and go get coffee?"
I can't believe I asked that. He hates me. I just set myself up for rejection. 
"Lets go," he said while standing up. 
I sat there in shock. 
"Are you coming or not?" He asked.
"Oh yeah I'm coming,"
We ditched school and went to Starbucks.
We talked till 9:30pm. He was such a sweet guy underneath all that toughness. 
"It's 9:30 I should be heading home," I said.
"Lets walk home. You know together," he said. 
"I would love that," 
He look my hand intertwined his fingers with mine and he headed to my place. 
"Have you had a girlfriend before?" 
"Umm well, no. I've slept with tons of girls though,"
"That doesn't really count," 
"Well then nope," 
"I can we your girlfriend," 
"What? My girlfriend?!" 
"Well I guess I could try," 
"It's really simple actually all you have to do is-"
He interrupted me by pushing his lips against mine. I couldn't push My god he was an amazing kisser. I got lost In it. Then he started to go harder. We fell onto s omeone's lawn and kept kissing, and kissing. April 5,2011 10:11
We just kept kissing for 15 minutes straight.  I ripped Off his tight black shirt and saw all his tattoos, huge muscles, and six pack. "God your Sexy!" i screamed.
He started nibbling my neck next. "Now will you sleep with me?" He whispered.
"No yet," I whispered. We kept kissing till my cell phone rang.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Lily? Where are you?"
"Oh mom I'm coming home right now," I said disappointedly. 
"Okay, and your friend Kelly told me you started hanging out with that Harry boy. That better not be true, because if it is you will be grounded for the rest of your damn life!"
God I hated Kelly. 
"I'm not mom. Calm down! I don't like him, he's a douchebag"
"What?" Harry asked confused. 
"Not you baby," I said. 
"What?" My mom said. 
"Oh Nevermind, I'll see you in 5 minutes. Okay bye," I hung up really fast. 
"So I'm guess you have to go?" 
"Yeah, I'll see you right away tomorrow. Okay? 
"Alright babe," he said then he kissed me. 
"Bye," I said then waved. 
I ran home so happy and excited!
I couldn't comprehend how happy I was. I went straight up to my room and called Becca. 
She was pissed at me!


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