A diary of Lilly Hyland recorded from April 2nd 2011. Her tragic yet happy story is with Harry Styles. This story has One Direction, Little Mix, Union J, and more!!


1. I saw him first

This is Lily Hyland's diary that was found in her bedroom on her bed. She was murdered on December 25, 2041 in her boyfriends apartment at 2:36am on a rainy, snowy day. Her recording starts April 2nd 2011 and continues till that deathly night. The last person she saw was her fiancé. Her life was always around people once she dated after she met him her life was never the same. This is her tragic yet happy story. 




April 2nd 2011 12:05pm
"Get Away from me!!!" I screamed while running down the hallway. "We need to talk about this!" My soon to be ex boyfriend Jason yelled while chasing me. Hi I'm Lily Hyland. I'm eighteen years of age with silky, wavy, long brown hair down about to the middle of my back. My eyes were like blue shinning stars. Well that's what people told me. I started getting tattoos at the age of sixteen. So far I have three with three ear piercings on each ear with a belly button piercing. My 3 tattoos were one on my wrist saying "Strength" another on my ankle that is a rosé, and finally one on my forearm saying "I'm not lying". My life was great up till now. Today I found out my boyfriend was cheating me with my soon to be ex friend Kelly. When I found out by my other friend I confronted Jason and I got in huge trouble. Sense we lived together no one else knew what happened in this house. Anyways when I confronted him I got in trouble because I was "snooping in this business". Back to where we are now I was trapped at the end of the hallway. 
April 3, 2011 7:01am
Right when he was coming toward me I got woken up my alarm at 7am. "Ugh," I moaned while shoving my pillow over my head. "Lily! Get up! It's time for school! It's your senior year!" My mom yelled from downstairs. " I know mom! You remind me everyday!" I yelled back. I pulled myself out of bed and took a long shower. I was singing as I always do when my phone rang. I just decided to get out. I put a towel on my hair and  on my body and answered my phone. "Hello?" I asked.
"Lily? It's Becca! Ian's in the hall with a new haircut! It's a quiff!"
"A quiff?"
"A quiff!"
"Holy Shit! I need to get down there! I'll be there I like 10 minutes! Make sure he stays there!"
"Hurry Sarah Paulson is trying to get some! Haha,"
"You know I have a boyfriend right girl?"
"Oh sure not for long. Your gonna drop him like a hot potato right?!"
"Haha," and I hung up. 
I hung up the phone put on all my makeup and did my hair. I ran downstairs put on my heels and grabbed my backpack without another word I left. I drove to the school and ran in. I kept running when I saw Becca. "There he is!" She said. 
"I stopped and my jaw dropped. "Isn't he just the hottest thing! Jake Coleman," 
I wasn't looking at Jake I was staring, in a trance at this guy. His hair was so beautiful, his eyes so green, so tall with his tight black jeans, loose white shirt, and so many tattoos! "Oh yes he is," I said. "The way he puts his books in his locker," I continued. 
"Yeah- wait, he's not. Oh your looking at him? Harry? Eww! He's been expelled from almost every school and got a girl pregnant and left her!"
"I don't care," I said in a trance. 
"Snap out of it. He's a playa!"
I finally snapped out of it when he was coming this way. 
"Get out of the way bitch," he said while pushing us aside. I fell hard a hit my head on the concrete wall. I screamed in pain and terror. 

April 3,2011 9:30am
I passed out and woke up in the nurses office with Harry sitting next to me. 


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