A diary of Lilly Hyland recorded from April 2nd 2011. Her tragic yet happy story is with Harry Styles. This story has One Direction, Little Mix, Union J, and more!!


2. He's the one

April 3,2011 9:30am 

"What happened?" I asked.
"I don't know you dumb bitch. Mr. Erikson saw me push you and made me come here and apologize. So I had to wait till you finally got a taste of reality. 
I threw the ice pack on the floor. "Well go ahead and leave you dumb shit.  I'm perfectly fine!" I Said. 
So I stood up and got light headed. I fell to the ground and passed out. He didn't even catch me. "Haha you idiot!" And he left. 

April 3,2011 3:30pm
I woke up in my bed with Jason my boyfriend sitting next to me. "Oh hey," I said turning away from him. "What's wrong hun?" He asked. 
"I'm breaking up with you," I said really really fast. 
"What? Sweetie?" 
I turned back to him. 
"Sorry hun but this  can't go on any longer. It's over," 
"What? What do you mean?" 
"I mean. I'm breaking up with you. Not plural, singular. One not two. Understand?" 
"Yeah I do," he said starting to get mad. 
"Fine just bye," 
He left my room and slammed the door. 
"Well, someone's got an issue," I whispered to myself. 
April 5, 2011 8:30
Me and Kelly were at our lockers and Harry was walking down the hall and this freshman named Trisha just grabbed Harry's arm and started making out with him. It was plain disgusting! He just went along with it and they were up against the locker making out. We made eye contact and he winked. I threw back a disgusted look and left. 

April 5, 2:35
People already started getting ready for prom! I was excited but since I broke up with Jason, I wasn't anymore. I wasn't planning on going ether way. Harry kept looking at me and I felt uncomfortable. "Kel, he keeps looking at me," I said to Kelly.
"Just ignore him,"
"I can't his green eyes are so gorgeous!" 
"Lily snap out of it! He made out with a freshman! They did it in the bathroom!"
"They did?!"
"Yep. Brandon told Nick, Nick told Anthony, Anthony told Mari and Mari told me," 
"Wow what a player!" 
"You really don't want to get with him," 
For some reason I still did. I saw the good in him nobody else did. There is an angel in him dying to get out. Still he kept calling me names but I just ignored it.

April 5, 10:00
My mom was watching the news and two teenagers got in a car accident for drunk driving. One was found dead on the scene and the other untouched. 
"That's so sad," I said. 
"I know, it says they are from your school,"
"Do you know that kid?" She said while pointing to the kid in the white loose shirt. He looked familiar but I couldn't tell.  I ignored it and went to bed.

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