A diary of Lilly Hyland recorded from April 2nd 2011. Her tragic yet happy story is with Harry Styles. This story has One Direction, Little Mix, Union J, and more!!


5. Finally your mine

May 12 2011 1:50
I was I'm full blown tears on the floor. I was bawling my eyes out. "Lily it's okay. He's sucks ass anyway. And since almost the whole school heard, they all hate him," Becca said. 
I could barley talk having so much tears. "Here lets just go home. You can't go to class," she said. She took me home and made me a nice warm tea. They heard a whistle outside window and they both got up to see. Harry was outside the window. "Hey bitch! How's it like acting like a 3 year old?!" Then he flicked us off. Apparently my mom was downstairs and saw this on her way out to the store and was really pissed even seeing Harry so he kept hitting him with her purse, cussing, and threatened to call the police. He ran away, finally. 

May 13,2011 anytime
The next day was senior prom and we didn't have to go to school that day. Becca slept over and we had the best time. We got our nails and hair done even though I was going with anyone. The  time for prom was kinda depressing for me. Ian came to pick Becca up in a limo. 
"Hey do you need a ride?" He asked. 
"Oh sure, I guess?" I said. 
I felt like a third wheel totally. Once we got there, I just sat there by myself. It was really embarrassing. Harry and his "friends" Weren't there thank god.  During a slow song it was I won't give up and I thought of Harry. Not the mean stuff, the nice and thoughtful things. I left and went to the bathroom and sat on the ground and cried. After a little the door opened. Harry was standing there in a suit and tie looking hot of course. "What the hell are you doing in here?" I asked.
"I'm here to apologize," 
"Oh sure," I said getting up and going into the handicapped stall and locking it. I was to mad at him. 
"I really am. I just don't want my friends to think I have a soft side. They think of me as a tough guy with no girlfriends just one night stands,". 
I didn't respond. 
"Please. You actually gave me joy. I'm sorry," 
He started to crawl underneath the door to get to me. He slowly eased me towards the wall. I still didn't respond. 
"What can I do to make it up to you?"

Just kiss me you idiot!" I pulled him towards me and he was extremely surprised. He wrapped his big hands around me and        pushed me as close as he could to me. He started biting my neck I started to groan in so much pleasure. 

"Take me all the way Harry now!" I screamed. He moved his hands up to my breasts and started rubbing them. 
"I thought you didn't want to," 
"I don't care!"
Harry almost ripped my dress being to excited. He threw my shoes off and his hands ran through my hair. I retaliated by pulling away and then moving my lips to his neck, kissing down. He thrusted as I trailed my lips down to his dick. He kept thrusting and I could feel his hard-on pressing into me. He was an eager boy. I undid his jeans and pulled them down, following them with his boxers. I didn't react like a virgin should have. I was quite brave and dipped my head to wrap my lips around the glistening head. He gasped and pushed into my mouth. I slid back up, my tongue tracing the underside of Harry's dick. Multiple times. He swore relentlessly and moaned and groaned and with a wild jerk and a bit of my name, he came. I swallowed quickly and pulled my body back up so that he was kissing me again. 
I didn't take him long to recover. He was hard no more than five minutes later. He was also gloriously naked, his pants completely gone. My bra and pants still remained but Harry was doing a quick job of that. I lifted as he tugged my pants off. We rolled so he was on top and my bra was next as he kissed down my chest and gently fondled my breast. He kissed down my stomach, showing the same care that I had.  
I nodded and he lifted me. I curled my legs around his waist and could feel his dick pressing too me through my panties. He pushed me against the wall returning to a spot just under my breast. 
"Harry," I groaned as he kissed further down and closer to my pants line, "You should know that this is a first." 
"Really? I'll go slow if you want." He sounded slightly shocked. 
"Keep with the pace, I just thought you should know." 
He moved back to my face and kissed me, before returning to his point. He grabbed at my waist and slid his hands down, pulling my underwear slowly down my legs. I groaned as he moved his lips lower and lower, going into an unsearched area. He licked a bit at first before experimenting with his fingers and returning his kisses to other places. He gently pushed a finger into me and circled it, loosening me. I groaned and he echoed it. We were both slick with sweat now. He fingered me for a short while before pulling out and grabbing a condom from the side drawer. He put it on and I waited, yearning for more. He pulled his face back to mine. 
"Are you okay?" 
I nodded.
"Are you ready?" 
"Yes, Harry!!! I want it!!" 
He didn't hesitate as he lined up and pushed inside me. We both groaned. I had tingles all in my body. It hurt a first but once he had a steady rhythm going, I went with it and it felt really good. I was on the edge, my body hot. He kissed at my neck as he moved.
I was shaking on the edge and as Harry moved his hands all over my body, making me feel extremely hot, I let go, almost screaming with the pleasure. Harry was set off by that and his hips jerked. He kissed me a bit before pulling out, which hurt. 
"Wow," I moaned. 
"Mmh," he smiled. 
"Are you okay?" he asked, his voice full of concern. 
"I'm fine," I smiled. It was the truth too. "Just a little longer," I said .
Harry made the first move by cupping his hand behind my neck and pulling me in with a deep kiss.

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