A diary of Lilly Hyland recorded from April 2nd 2011. Her tragic yet happy story is with Harry Styles. This story has One Direction, Little Mix, Union J, and more!!


17. Experation Date

August 29, 2012 6:45pm
He helped me up gently. 
" Lily Hyland, I love you. I want to marry you. I never want to be away from you ever. A day without seeing you, that day is no good,"
I couldn't even look him in the eyes. 
"Lily please. I'm really sorry. My anger got the best of me. I really didn't mean it. I will do anything for you," 
I looked up at him. 
"Okay. I get to do one more thing though,"
"What is it?"
"After the party," 
We headed to the party and we acted like nothing was wrong. Everything was. I didn't forgive him. I didn't forgive myself. Life sucked. I was fat and depressed.
When we got home I made him sit on the couch. I sang "I Will Always Love You" to him. I started crying after. I ran upstairs. 
"Lily!! What's going on?!"
"Goodbye Harry," 
"No! Wait! Listen!" 
I waited. 
"Lily! You are worth WAY more than this! Please! Don't listen to the people say otherwise! I love you! And that all that should matter," I
"But it doesn't! I'm a mess!" 
"No your not. I'm the mess. I'm the one who cheated more badly than you. It's my fault," 
I stood there for a second. I turned around to Harry. 
"You really mean that?" 
"Yes. I would never hurt you. I love you,"
"But you slapped me. I could call the police right now and get you arrested,"
"Yes. You can, I still won't stop loving you,"
I blushed. 
"I love you too," I said.
I gave him a tight hug. 
"How about let's have some fun?" He said. 
Haz it’s okay. Your my one and only. I promise,” I smiled, placing a light kiss on his lips. Without warning, Harry pushed me and I felt my back come in contact with the wall in the hallway.
“I can make you feel better than he ever would,” Harry growled in my ear, and his words turned me on. I was crashed with harry’s lips on mine and I complied, wrapping my arms around his neck. Harry’s hands descended down my body and hung loosely around my bum. I jumped, without breaking the kiss, wrapping my legs around my waist. I felt Harry move, taking me to the bedroom. Harry finally broke the kiss as he gently placed me on the mattress of the bed. I breathed in the the oxygen as it came and Harry connected his lips to my neck, kissing and sucking on the exposed skin on my neck.
“Harry,” I moaned as Harry found my sweet spot. He smirked into my skin as he removed the dress I was wearing. His hands found their way around the small of my back, unclasping my bra. Harry wasted no time and his lips connected to my breasts, licking and massaging. I gripped his curls hard and Harry moaned into my skin. Once deciding he was done with my breasts, he left sloppy kissed down my stomach before reaching my underwear. 
“Who made you this wet baby?” Harry grinned, already knowing the answer.
“You Harry. All you,” I moaned as I felt Harry’s warm breath teased my clit.
“Please Haz. I need you,” I pleaded, longing for his touch. Harry smirked, removing my underwear. His lips connected with the folds within my clit and, licking it up and down. Harry licked his fingers before jamming them within me, earning a loud moan from me.
“Feel good?” Harry asked and I nodded. Harry clearly wasnt amused that his fingers were making me only feel good so he removed his dick from his boxers and I had no time to adjust before he slammed himself into me. 
“Fuck Haz,” I groaned and I felt my walls instantly clench around Harry’s length.
“Dammit it, Lily  your so tight,” Harry moaned. The sounds of our pleasure filled the moans in our room and I felt myself quickly reaching my climax.
“Harry i’m gonna-“
“I know Lily i’m right there with you.” I attempted to hold it in as much as I could, but I failed and cam all over Harry’s dick. Not to long after, Harry did the same and I felt my body relax. Harry’s body collapsed on next to mine and he wrapped an arm around my waist,pulling me closer to him
“I love you so much, dont forget that okay?” Harry asked, looking down again.
“I won’t I promise,” I smiled and Harry grinned, kissing the top of my head.

August 30th 2012 10:40am 
The day started normally.  
"Lily!" Harry called. 
I ran downstairs and put my hand behind my back and rocked back and forth.
"Yes babe?" 
"I wanna take you out for dinner tonight. But not just a normal dinner. Better and more romantic and fancy than ever before," 
"Okay babe. Keep dreamin'," 
I hit his chest a little bit and walked away. 
Then I got a call from a broadway producer. 
L- Hello? 
P-Hi. Is this Lily Hyland?
L- This is she
P- Yes. We've seen you dance and sing. And we would love you offer you an audition for the production of Hairspray that we are putting on this year. You have a very good chance of getting a good part and we would give you lodging near other cast members. 
L- That's great! But I have an offering for a girl band.
P- Yes but this you would travel, meet people, and be in more than one show.
L- Can I think about it and call you back?
P- make it quick. We have more than one person for this part. 
L- Okay. Where would I have to go?
P- New York City
L- New York! Umm I'll call you back?
P- okay but hurry
L- Okay thanks
End of Call
I danced ALL THE TIME as a kid. People said I had the talent to actually do something. I went to Joffrey and Juliard all the time in the summer. In high school I kinda stopped. Didn't have time. I don't know what to say! I'll decide tonight after dinner. I'll ask Harry questions about the future and see where it takes us. 
"What was that call about?" He asked. 
"Oh just wrong number," I lied. 
That night we went to an extremely fancy, French restaurant. I wore the dress above.  It was very Expensive! Harry wore an amazing black suit and tie. It was fucking gorgeous. 
"Damn! You look fine," I said to him while rubbing his chest. 
"You don't look so bad yourself," 
"You like when I rub on your chest?" 
"Maybe if you let me rub yours," 
He slowly moved his hands up my body.
"Wait for it," I teased. 
"Fine. Lets go," he smiled.
His manly hand took my small hand and led me to the car. 
"We're here!" He said. 
He opened my door and paparazzi where all over the place around us. Harry took my hand and led me through. With my other hand I covered my face. 
We finally made it to the door and slammed it behind us. 
"Finally we made it!" Harry said. 
I laughed. 
We got our table and after the Waiter took our order it was time for me to ask the questions. 
"So Harry," 
"So Lily," he chuckled. 
"Since we're getting pretty serious. I'm just wondering where you see yourself in 5 or 6 years?" 
"Well, probably Settling down and starting a family. Where do you see yourself?" 
"I see myself traveling the world! Performing in LA, NewYork and Broadway," 
He sighed. 
"We have an expiration date, don't we?"


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