A diary of Lilly Hyland recorded from April 2nd 2011. Her tragic yet happy story is with Harry Styles. This story has One Direction, Little Mix, Union J, and more!!


7. Choose

May 20 2011 2:00am 
"What?!" He yelled. 
"Take me to the hospital!"
He took me there in a panic, I was trying to hold in the pain. 
We finally got there and they told me I had a miscarriage. I was sitting in the hospital bed, my head in my hands crying. 
"Don't cry babe," Harry said. 
"Take me home," I demanded. 
It was pouring rain on the way home. 
We didn't talk at all on the way home.
He stopped at his house and he got out but I didn't. 
"Aren't you coming?" He asked. 
"This isn't my house," 
"You just said yesterday it was!"
"Take me home," 
"You are home!"
"Fine! I'll walk!" I got and started walking home. 
"Don't you want to stay with me?" 
"I'll still see you! It's I don't live here! I don't want to live there!" 
"Please ill do anything for you! I'll buy you anything! You'll get to know me!  You know you love me!"
"Ugh! We haven't even been on a PROPER DATE!" 
"Then we will! Right now! Come with me!" He grabbed my hand and tugged me upstairs. 
"Ugh! Let to of me or else!" I said again rolling my eyes. 
He finally brought me upstairs and there was nothing there but an envelope. I went over and tore it opened it. There in the envelope was two first class tickets to Paris, France. 
"Oh My Fucking TICKETS!" 
I ran over to hug him. 
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I love you!"
I kissed him but he parted and he smiled. 
"So you didn't love me before?"
"No I did. It just I was mad at you," 

May 21,2011 9:30
By this time I was totally popular and so everyone knew I was going to Paris with Harry. I had a lot of friends before but know they all left me. Everyone at school kept calling me a gold digger. I mean everyone. Till this guy walked up to me. 
"I didn't come up to you to call you a gold digger,"
"Aw really?"
"Yeah! I came over here to say you are a FUCKING gold digger!" 
Harry just happen to walk up to me at the time and he punched him in the nose. He started bleeding and we just walked away. 
"Lily! Come here now!" Becca yelled while motioning towards me. He grabbed me and yanked me towards the auditorium. All my old friends were there and a huge sign was up saying INTERVENTION. 
"What the hell is this?" I asked.
"An Intervention," Becca said. 
"You've been acting so different and it's not cool at all," one of my friends said. 
"He's been changing you girl! Your not the same girl we all loved!" Another one said. 
"Please! We want the old Lily back! She was amazing! And we loved her!" Another one said. 
"He's a total douche!"
"He's gonna do anything to get in your pants!" 
"He's a jerk to everyone!"
"He punched Liam straight in the nose!"
"He got you pregnant!"
"Oh so that's what you guy think?" I asked. 
They all nodded. 
"Just choose. Us or Harry," Becca said. 
"Yeah choose," I heard a voice say. 
I turned around and Harry was standing there with a really sad face

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