Falling for him.

Ella Johnson always had a hectic life with her parents always getting job transfers and her having to constantly be moving to new places and new schools but one day when they move to London and she starts school she meets five boys and they instantly become bestfriend's and she begins to fall for one of them. But will she end up having to leave him behind?


2. 2

Ella's P.O.V.


Once I told the teacher who I was she introduced me to the class. "Students listen up we have a new student, her name is Ella Johnson and she is from America." She announced.Then she told me her name was Mrs.Reed. After that I took my seat next to this blonde boy with beautiful blue eyes. "Hi I'm Ella I told him." I mumbled. "Hi Ella my name is Niall, nice to meet you." He said. The class continued and I just sat there really quietly listening to the teacher. Once she dismissed the class I went to math class but I had no idea where that was so I asked Niall. "Hey Niall do you know where math is? Its room 204." I asked "Yeah just follow me I have that class next too."


Once school was over I was so happy! While I was outside I saw Niall with a group of his friends and they started walking over to me. I can't lie I was kind of nervous of meeting them. "Hey Ella, how are you doing?" Niall said. "I'm good how about you?" I replied. "I'm great thanks for asking, I just wanted to introduce you to my friends; This is Harry,Liam,Louis and Zayn"  "Hi nice to meet you guys." All of us just continued to talk until I had to leave back home but I didn't want to leave because of how mush I was having with them. And may I say that Harry is so cute and sweet; Don't even get me started on his beautiful green orbs and curly hair. I kinda have crush on him but I know he would never like me, sadly.

Harry's P.O.V.

I had just meet Ella but wow was she beautiful. While we were talking I couldn't stop staring at her. Once we left the boys and I just went to my place to talk. When we were finally home I told everyone what I had thought about Ella. "You guys Ella is so beautiful and her blue eyes and her beautiful long brown hair." I exclaimed. "Yeah she is." Niall added. The rest of them agreed with Niall and I but I saw in Niall's eyes that he liked her to and that he was competition. I didn't have to worry about Louis,Liam and Zayn because they had girlfriends. But I was determined to make Ella mines.


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