Falling for him.

Ella Johnson always had a hectic life with her parents always getting job transfers and her having to constantly be moving to new places and new schools but one day when they move to London and she starts school she meets five boys and they instantly become bestfriend's and she begins to fall for one of them. But will she end up having to leave him behind?


1. 1

Ella's P.O.V.

I woke up to the sun shining threw the windows and looking at all the unpacked boxes around me since its only been a couple of days since I've been in London. As I got out of bed I checked the time, it was 6 am and I had to start my first day of school here in London. I quickly went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and took a shower. Once I got out of the shower is I went to my room and began to searched for cloths and since it was a warm and sunny day today I wore a pair of jean shorts, rolling stones shirt and a pair of black combat boots.


 After I got dressed I went to the kitchen and made myself cereal since it was the only food I could eat fast enough to leave early. Since my parents were sleeping  I decided to just leave and not bother them. I had to walk to school since my parents wouldn't let me drive their car even though I had my license but the school wasn't so far away, it was like a 5 minute walk.

Once I got their I went to the main office and told them who is was and they gave me my schedule. Then I asked where my first class was since it was theater and the secretary said "Just go straight down the hall take a left, walk all the way down that hall and you will see two big doors and it's in there."

I started walking and I made my way to the doors and opened them once I got in everyone was staring at me and I felt a little nervous. Then I went up to the teacher and said "hi um I'm new here, my name is Ella Johnson."



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