After Life

When Jessica dies, she discovers something; things that are dead dont always stay dead.
Together, with the help of Jason, a mortal, she must find the secret to the after life and prevent more people from suffering her fate..


1. In a blink of an eye, everything you know is gone..

The wind howls loudly, as I walk down the path.

The tree's shake, and stammer, and bowl under the weight of the wind.

I shiver, and wrap my arms around myself, and wish bitterly that I had brought my jumper with me, instead of this ridiculous dress that offers nothing in the way of heat, nothiing at all.

It had been Hannah's idea to do this, to go to Jazmyns party in skimpy dresses, and attract all the boys.

It had been Hannah's idea to walk home this way, until she ran off, and left me here alone, but not entirely defenceless if things turned bad.

Theres my street up ahead, and i can see the lights on, and Mum and dad up in the loungeroom.

They wouldnt be able to see me yet, its too dark.

I get shivers up my spine, and have the weird urge to run, to run home and hide inside.

My brain screams at me to do so, to rid myself of these horrible shoes, and run.

But i dont.

These shoes costed all I had, and that was quite a lot.

I hear footsteps behind me, and spin around.

Its Hannah.

I breathe a gentle sigh of relief,"oh hi Hannah, I thought you were someone else."

I cant see her properly, but I hear her reply,"wait up Jess. I have to tell you something important, and you cant tell anyone else."

I come to a halt,"sure, hurry up then. Its cold out and I want to go home. I told mum I'd be home early anyhow."

Hannah runs up to me, with more grace than I thought possible, and smiles.

Her face is sickly white, its like shes way colder than me, and yet she looks almost fine, not a hair out of place.

"Oh Jessica," she says,"You wont be going home tonight. Not ever."

Then she lunges at me, and sinks her teeth into my neck.



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