Better Safer Than Sound

Katlyin keeps being chased by a ghost that she doesn't know, it's the ghost of her best friend, who ran away 8 years ago. Just one question, why can she see her?


4. "Why does this happen?" "For a reason"

"Sarah?" she whispered. "You said you would help! WHY?".  Then she vanished.

"Come on Kaitlin!" "Coming Emily!" After work Kaitlin decided to get on the computer.


                                                           "Girl found after being buried for eight years."





                               Sarah Goldman's body was found at 8:00 this morning in on the shores of the LA beaches today.

                                 According to Sarah's parents she had run away on February 19,2005 and she was never found.

                                 The LA police department pronounced her dead in 2006."Today was Sarah's birthday",a close family 

                                    friend said,"Maybe everyone will finally get closer."


 But there was still one person who never had closer. Kaitlin. 


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