Better Safer Than Sound

Katlyin keeps being chased by a ghost that she doesn't know, it's the ghost of her best friend, who ran away 8 years ago. Just one question, why can she see her?


1. prologue

Kaitlin was in shock.   Her best friend? Gone? How could this happen? She had just seen Sarah yesterday,and she was fine.But why would she run away? It couldn't be her fault could it? Of course not,Sarah was to smart for that. She went and sat on her bed and felt something crinkle. A note....from Sarah! She opened it seemed to take forever


                                         " Dear Kaitlin,

                                   I'm sorry I couldn't tell you this earlier but, I have to run away... I can't stay with you or anyone else. You might think I'm crazy...but I have powers...and you do to, but if you don't use them as soon as possible your going to die...soon. You know how I've been telling you about those weird dreams? That weird spell caster lady? If you start getting dreams....I'll know. You'll get notes from me until I die, but other than that...I don't think I can ever see you again. I'm sorry



Kaitlin was confused. Powers? Death? And why so soon? It was all so confusing. "Kaitlin? There's someone on the phone for you! Something about a project in science? It seems important!" "Coming Maddie!" Maddie was her legal guardian since her parents had died in a car accident 2 years ago.

     "Hello Kaitlin" a sweet, mysterious voice said  "Um hello?" "I look forward to seeing you soon Kaitlin, You better get to your powers, Before I do.." then the voice hung up.

Why did everybody keep telling her to "use her powers"?It was still very confusing.One second she found out her best friend had run away,then she found out that her and her best friend had some kind of "powers"?And all in one day to? Why did people keep pounding her with information?

"What was that all about?"  "It was some bill collector. Maddie you've got to actually listen to the messages," She said sarcastically.  "Hey! I do to listen to those messages! I just give them to you so you can answer them.," "Ha ha very funny Maddie" 

After Kaitlin ate and showered, Kaitlin went to be confused for eight years. 






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