Better Safer Than Sound

Katlyin keeps being chased by a ghost that she doesn't know, it's the ghost of her best friend, who ran away 8 years ago. Just one question, why can she see her?


2. Later

Kaitlin lived a normal life,for a 24 year old she was a perfectly good collage student. All A's and B's. Maddie told her if she kept the good grades she might get a scholarship. And she knew what she wanted to major in. Psychic Phenomena. For some reason she was just attracted to stuff like that. Ghosts,Paranormal Activity(not the movie he he lol),stuff like that. I guess its because she found out she was a Medium! She could see ghosts! She just wanted to know more about them.


 She worked part time at a little coffee shop in LA. One day while she was working she seen a figure in the coffee room. "Kaitlin! We need more coffee were running out. Hurry! We have a rush on the Vanilla Roast " her co worker Emily said.


She rushed back to the coffee room, which was her secret hide-out when she was having a bad day. Her boss was so nice to her. Maybe a little to nice but gosh he was so cute!! He had a perfect personality to. His name was Christian. *sigh* He would never take someone like her to a the concert.

"look at yourself"     she thought "dreaming about your boss like a 12 year old" She laughed while scooping the coffee beans to see the dark figure again. "Oh why now? Why during my last shift for the week?" she thought.    


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