Better Safer Than Sound

Katlyin keeps being chased by a ghost that she doesn't know, it's the ghost of her best friend, who ran away 8 years ago. Just one question, why can she see her?


8. Home is where the heart is

Kaitlin came up in the driveway of her former best friend's house, seeing Sarah's mother sitting in the window, sighing. When Sarah's mother suddley got up and went to the door." Hello Kaitlin! How are you?"


"Good,but I need to ask you a question"She smiled at her" Go ahead" she said looking confused and wondering if what Maddie had told her was true


"Have you had any...Paranormal Activity lately?" Sarah's mother looked at her.It was true,everything Maddie had told Sydney.


"Kaitlin,leave" she ordered her harshly

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