Better Safer Than Sound

Katlyin keeps being chased by a ghost that she doesn't know, it's the ghost of her best friend, who ran away 8 years ago. Just one question, why can she see her?


5. Confusion

Kaitlin was trying to sleep, but the constant reappear of Sarah kept her awake.She got up to get a midnight snack,when she saw a 16 year old girl writing on the walls.


                                                     HELP ME KAITLIN.

The girl vanished,with a bloody hand print smearing the white walls.Of course, it vanished after the girl-Sarah-vanished.This was going to be a long case.

The next morning she got a phone call from her parents.they asked if she had heard about Sarah. Her mother said that when Joan-Sarah's mom-found out she was so happy yet so sad at the same time.

After she got off the phone with her mom Kaitlin went to get some fresh air,and to talk to her professor,Mrs. Horan(ha ha i mentioned the directioners! I keep you guys in mind!!:)) 

Afterwards,she went home to remember the stains on the walls,the reappearances,the figure


   Kaitlin suddenly fell down,this always happened before a vision.When the vision was over,Kaitlin rushed to the police department.  Sarah didn't run away.Sarah had been kidnapped,and murdered.

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