There are many heroes in our world. Firemen, policemen, even busdrivers. But the most important are those who remain hidden and protect us from the things we can't run from...our nightmares. But what would happen if one heroic dreamcatcher could not defeat the nightmare that faces her, could not escape the tormenting terror and could not place the evil that surrounds them? Will she manage to keep her soul or will her life be taken?


1. Prologue

Dreams are a gift from the angels. Sleep is the reward after a hard day’s work. We dream of our loved ones, of triumphant adventures, of achieving our life long ambitions. Some even claim they tell us the future, or show as a deeper side of ourselves, one even we don’t know about.  Dreaming is delicate. It is only one small step away from your worst nightmare. Literally.

This is where we come in.

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