A Dream Come True

Savanna Carter lives a busy life from her dad being big in the music, and it only comes to get worse when she starts dating Justin Bieber. When the media puts out nasty rumors about Savanna will it get in the way of the couple? Or will she keep the promise she made Justin? Follow Savanna and her crazy life, and watch her dreams come true!


6. Take back the night

Justin is dragging me all around town taking pictures. He even brought me back to the park where we had our first date to try to 'recapture' the moment as Justin says.

Anna: Justin, is all of this really necessary? 

Justin came to me and wrapped his arms around my waist , and pressed his forehead to mine. 

Justin: I'm sorry baby i just really want pictures of us so i can show you off to the world. 

Anna: No, its just that we took so many already, and i'm getting tired. 

Justin: 3 more, i know what i want it wont take long baby, then we can go back to the hotel and and sleep? okay baby? 

Anna: Fine, lets do this. 

Justin grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him. 

Jay: Cup my face with your hands and kiss me Fredo take it when she kisses me. 

I did what he said and Fredo took the picture. 

After that Justin wanted to switch, so my arms were around his waist and he was kissing me.

The final one was Justin holding me bridal style while my arms were around his neck and he was kissing my check , I think I might like that one the most.

After that Justin carried me back to his car and sat in the back seat with me, while Fredo dove us back to to hotel. I woke up to Justin sliding in bed next to me and pulling me close to him before we both fell asleep.


Justin: Baby its time to wake up, your coming to the concert with me this morning right? 

Justin kissed my head and walked into the bathroom to brush his teeth

Savanna: Do i have too? 

Justin: No baby you can stay here. I'll be back after. My plane doesn't leave until 4, scooter gave me a few extra hours to spend with you. It comes with a few consequences though. 

Savanna: What might those be? 

Justin: Well the team is leaving before me so i have to fly alone, and youll have to drive me to the airport. Is that okay? 

Savanna: That's fine.

Justin: Oh and is it cool if i just leave my car with you? 

Savanna: If you want. 

Justin: Thanks babe. 

Justin waked over to me and kissed me. Mhmmm those lips are my weakness, and he knows it. Our kiss gets more and more passionate by the second, and soon Justin was hovering over me. when we pulled out of the kiss i just laid there looking into Justin' s eyes, he has the prettiest eyes ive ever seen on a guy.

Justin: What are you thinking about baby? 

Savanna: Just admiring your eyes. Have i told you how much i love them? 

Justin: I have i told you how much i love you? 

Savanna: No. 

Justin: Well then maybe i should. 

Savanna: You shall 

Justin: Well i love your hair, your eyes, your smile, your kisses, but mainly i love how you treat me as if i'm a normal person, not as "Justin Bieber" I cant even put in words how much i love you because your just that amazing. 

If i wasn't blushing right now then there is something wrong with the blood flow to my face. 

Justin: Your cute when you blush, you know that? 

Savanna: Well i do now. 

Justin: I have to leave baby, get some sleep you look really tired, ill be back in about 2 hours? Okay? Order something to eat if you get hungry. 

Justin kissed me and left out the door. i fell asleep only to know that when he got back we would be saying our goodbyes


I wake up and Justin sliding in bed next to me, wrapping me in his arms securely 

Justin: Hey baby.

Savanna: Hey Jay. 

Justin: God im going to miss this, Just being able to lay here with you in my arms all day, not having a care in the world. 

Savanna: Im going to miss you Jay.

Justin: ill be back in a week and then we'll figure something out. 

Savanna: This is going to be one long week. 

Justin: Dont miss me to much.

Savanna: Are you kidding me, i should be telling you that. 

Justin: Maybe your right. And i had Fredo print out all the pictures he took last night and they came out really good. 

Justin handed me the pictures and he was right they did come out good. I actually look good. Justin looks so handsome 

Savanna: You look so happy. 

Justin: You make me this way. When i met you, you made me a better happy person, even scooter noticed the change in my attitude. 

Savanna: I don't see how i'm so special, but if your happy, then i'm happy. 

Justin: Come with me.

Savanna: Where are we going?

Justin: Just for a walk 

Were walking around the hotel doing absolutly nothing having silly conversations about random topics, just enjoying each others company. 

Then Justin picks me up and i see a pool. 

Justin: Do you know how to swim?

I grabbed his neck and held on to him as tight as i could.

Savanna: Justin don't you dare. 

Justin: What are you going to do about it? 

Savanna: Put me in the water and no kisses for you 

Justin: Well i better get my kiss now. 

Justin reached up and cupped my face, he kissed me quickly, and threw me in the water when i wasn't paying attention 

Savanna: JUSTIN! 

He jumped in the water and swam to where i was. I turned around to face the opisite way and he pulled my back to his chest. I tried to move from his grip but he only held me tighter. 

Savanna: Justin let me go! Im mad at you. 

Justin: No can do shawty. 

I finally was able to free myself from his grip and when i did i ran straight to his room. He was close to catching me but i ran to the bathroom and locked the door. 

Justin: Baby come out. 

Savanna: NO, im wet and im cold. Your mean!

Justin: Baby if your wet then let me in and i can take care of you, you'll warm up in the process. 

Savanna: Justin you perv, Just get me some dry clothes please. 

Justin handed me a pair of sweat pants, briefs, and a t-shirt. When i was out of the bathroom Justin was waiting there with a big blanket that he wrapped us in. We only have about an hour or so left before we have to leave for the airport, its about a 45 minute drive with traffic and all. 

We were laying on the bed watching a movie when i noticed it was time for us to leave. 

Savanna: Justin we need to leave soon. 

Justin: We should just give me 5 more minutes with you. 

Justin pulled me closer to him while he slowly lowered his lips to mine. The kiss was slow at first, but quickly got more intimate. He lick my bottom lip asking for entrance and i quickly gave him access. I cupped the back of his neck. One of his hands roaming my side and the other in my hair. He gently pulled on my hair causing me to let out a small moan. I pulled back from the kiss and Justin looked like he was high.

Savanna: Jay are you okay? 

Justin: Oh huh, im sorry. did you say somthing.

Savanna: I asked if you were okay, you look high? 

Justin: High off of you. 

Savanna: Your so cheesy, come on we need to go. 

So we gathered all of Justins stuff and headed off to the airport. 


* Hey guys just wanted to wish everyone a early merry christmas! I'll try to update before new years but no promises! More comments = Faster updates! Love you guys!*

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