A Dream Come True

Savanna Carter lives a busy life from her dad being big in the music, and it only comes to get worse when she starts dating Justin Bieber. When the media puts out nasty rumors about Savanna will it get in the way of the couple? Or will she keep the promise she made Justin? Follow Savanna and her crazy life, and watch her dreams come true!


13. RANT *chapter will be deleted later!*

Note that this isn't a chapter, this is a rant. I will be taking it down later.


PLEASE oh please for gods sake tell me what the fuck Justin has done, that is so bad that your leaving the fandom? 


I have like 3 friends that used to be HUGE beliebers and now there just gone!? And i dont wanna here the " hes distant" crap. I dont wanna hear " He doesnt love us anymore " YOU ALL KNOW THATS A FUCKING LIE. 


Is it Selena? Please be honest if it is selena please tell me why. What is so bad about her and Justin? 


Dont say its because of what happened last time they broke up. As a girl im saying right now that I HAVE broken a guys heart and taken him back because i STILL LOVED him. 


Besides you dont know for sure if there together or not yet. Yes i know what your thinking. the videos... blah blah blah , he hasnt confirmed anything yet, 


so this is me begging you to please tell me why your leaving, if your leaving or what. 


until i get some kind of proof that someone is actually still going to be reading this book im not righting anything!


Shit might even take it down because looks like theres no more beliebers to read it!!!




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