A Dream Come True

Savanna Carter lives a busy life from her dad being big in the music, and it only comes to get worse when she starts dating Justin Bieber. When the media puts out nasty rumors about Savanna will it get in the way of the couple? Or will she keep the promise she made Justin? Follow Savanna and her crazy life, and watch her dreams come true!


5. My circle of love

I wake no more than 10 minuets later and Justin is throwing clothes into a suitcase, when his phone rings. He turns towards me and i pretend to still be asleep, in my mind i still do want to be asleep. 

Justin: Hello? 

He sat the phone besides him while he gets back to what he was doing.

Scooter: Justin you have to stop this, paps found out about Savanna, they know her full name and have her address. I met Savanna shes a really sweet and down-to-earth girl, don't pull her in to your little circle of love. Let this one be why don't you. It wont be long until shes all over every magazine in the country!

Justin: My circle of love? Scooter do you know how long its been since i've met a girl that i dont have to make sign a confidentiality agreement. I like Savanna, i like her a lot. If you like it or not i'm going to talk to her, shes going to be in my life, and i'm hoping she'll say yes when i ask her to be my girlfriend.

Girlfriend? Did i hear that right?

Justin: Savanna isn't just some girl to me, shes really special to me. I'm not using Savanna. I try so hard to stay as far away from paparazzi when i'm with her. I'm stuck in a hotel for gods sake ordering room service for dinner because i know if i take her out on a real date that the paps will ruin it. I don't want her to have to experince that life because she will run from me like every other girl i start to like does. The paps ruin everything, but i wont let them ruin this relationship, but then again by not letting them ruin it, i still am, because i cant take her out, or have a normal relationship with her.

Anna: I wont run Jay, they wont ruin us.

I don't know where i got the courage to say that at, but i did. Was that a bad idea? 

Justin: Savanna i'm sorry, did i wake you. Scooter ill call you later.

Justin picked up his phone, ended the call, and walked over to where i was sitting on the bed.

Anna: Jay i dont want you to worry about me running. I wont, The media doesnt bother me. 

Justin: Savanna you say that now but wait until we go out public somewhere and the paps are there screaming things, mean things, hurtful things. I don't want you to have to go through that pain, and its all my fault, but i'm to selfish to not put you through that. 

Justin's eyes was filled with sadness and deception all at the same time.

Anna: Baby what are you saying? 

Justin: I'm saying i just want to be able to give you a normal relationship, where we can go out in public and not have to worry about people saying lies about us. I wanna walk on the beach, watch the sunset, I wanna go to the movies, I wanna take you to dinner, I wanna bring you shopping, I wanna take walks around the city. 

Anna: Then do it Justin!!!

Justin: I cant! Not with out girls following us, or hating on you, Or big guys with cameras! 

Anna: Justin i don't want you to talk anymore, I told you i don't care about that, i care enough about you to put that aside. I knew what i was getting myself into when i agreed to get to know you. Justin please, i don't care about the media, i don't care about the girls, as long as i know that i'm the one your heart wants the the beliebers don't matter to me. 

By now Justin was curled up in my side, his arm resting on my waist. 

Anna: Jay, baby we'll be alright i promise. I wont run from you, im not going to let whatever hate could come our way get to me okay? i promise. But this also means i dont want you to let the hate get to you either. I don't like seeing you hurt. 

Justin: Promise. Savanna? 

Anna: Yes Jay?

Justin: I was going to wait a while longer to ask you this, but every minute i spend with you i just want you to be mine more and more, Savanna, Will you be my girlfriend, let me treat you like a princess, let me love you till the end of time? Please? 

Anna: Of course Jay! I'd love to!

Justin: i knew i should have waited it was to earl- Wait did you say yes!? 

I shook my head yes and smiled at Justin and his face went from sad and depressed to the happiest I've ever seen him. 

Justin reached up and cupped my face with his hands and kissed me. Well i wouldn't call it a kiss since he couldn't stop smiling long enough to kiss me properly, but i don't care cause honestly i'm smiling too. 

We laid there holding each other for about five minutes before Justin spoke up. 

Jay: Okay, I'm calling Fredo, Im going to get him to take pictures of us, so i can put them all over my tour bus. 

Anna: Jay! i look horrible right now. 

Jay: You look beautiful! 

Anna: Do i have to take pictures!

Jay: YES! Its not a choice. Now come with me. 

We got up and we walked down the hall and entered a room im guessing was Fredo's.. 

Jay: Fredo! Get out here bring your camera she said Yes!! 

Anna: He knew?! 

Fredo: I figured it out when he came back all cheesy the other night. 

Anna: Hes made up of a big ball of cheese!

Fredo: You can say that again. 

Jay: You guys are mean to me. 

I turned towards Justin and he had his arms crossed over his chest and stuck his bottom lip out. 

Anna: Aww does my baby want a kiss? 

He shook his head yes and i kissed his cheek then a flash went off i looked towards Fredo and he had an evil smirk on his face. 

Fredo: Perfect shot. 

* Janna, Who ships it? Next chapter is going to be really cheesy hope you can handle it! 5 comments for next update! (: Love you guys <33 * 


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