A Dream Come True

Savanna Carter lives a busy life from her dad being big in the music, and it only comes to get worse when she starts dating Justin Bieber. When the media puts out nasty rumors about Savanna will it get in the way of the couple? Or will she keep the promise she made Justin? Follow Savanna and her crazy life, and watch her dreams come true!


8. Life as i know it.

So today is Wednesday, it has been three days since Justin left, and it has been exactly like how i thought it would be, LONELY! I've lived in this house by myself for almost a year since my 17th birthday and I've been fine, but ever since i realized how it feels to have Justin's company, i don't like to be alone. 

I've always wondered why my dad got me such a big house when he knew i would be all alone. Two master bedrooms, a guest room with a connected bathroom, a half-bathroom down stairs and a big back yard with a pool. The house was a present from graduating high school early and being accepted to Stanford. 

I have a half sister Chloe but shes always been more of a best friend than a sister.  She is 3 months younger than me.We dont have the same mother. My mother and father were just best friends when i was conceived. I've never met my biological mother, she died while giving birth to me. My dad and Chloe's mother got together before they knew my mom was pregnant with me, but it just so happened that Julia Chloe's mother was pregnant too. 

My mother didnt want anything from my dad except for him to be in my life growing up. She knew she didnt have a future with my dad other than being friends, but really thats all she wanted. My dad talks about my mother a lot, he says she was the sister he always wanted, and he gets really emotional when talking about her. I've seen pictures of her and my dad tells me i look just like her. 

Chloe's mother walked out on us when we were 5, from what we were told the man she left with wasnt too good of a person so my father got full custody of Chloe. We lived what some people would call a "perfect" life our dad was never really home and we had nannys most of the time. We spent most of our time together when dad was at work. We went to the best school, had the best clothes, best cars, threw the best party, But lets not let my dad know that, haha. 

Back to Justin, we dont get to talk as much as i would like but im not complaining. He calls me every night before bed and we talk about eveything that we did that day and i listen to Justin talk about how much he misses me and how he wishes he could just hold me. Honestly its hard to fall asleep at night with out Justin next to me. So normally Justin will sing to me on the phone until i fall asleep. 

Justin wants to meet my dad as soon as he gets back. My dad is okay with me being with Justin, hes just worried about how the paps will treat me. It was bad just being Savanna Carter but now that i'm 'Biebers girlfriend' as people say its only getting worse. When i log on to twitter my phone will blow up and spaz out. There is no way my instagram can be personal anymore. I don't know.. i just don't understand why i have to be treated differently because of Justin and my dad. Okay so my boyfriend is a world wide popstar and my dad is big in the music business. Does that me you have to know everything about me? 

Just the other day i went to meet my dad for lunch, I parked about a block away from the cafe` and was followed by paps all the way there. The question they seemed to ask the most is "How does it feel knowing i didn't have to work for a living?" Well let me tell you that i am not using Justin or my dad. I'm a busy collage student and my dad helps me take care of things until i get my career started. I've been with Justin for maybe a week? And hes been on tour most of the time and they already think i'm being showered with money and gifts from him. 

Okay, so i have his car at the moment because he didn't feel like having to have it transported from L.A to Huston just to have to have it back in L.A in a week! This stuff has gotten out of control and i don't know if i can take it any longer. I have to find a way to get my feelings out to the public. 

The other day i had lunch with my dad to talk about my relationship with Justin. I told him how we met and whats happening with tour right now. My dad said he wishes that i didn't have to go threw the hate from the media but as long as i'm happy with Justin then he is too. 

Honestly i am happy with Justin. Hes such a sweet boyfriend. I couldn't have picked a better one for me. Justin is a little insecure about his actions and he told me its because of his last girlfriend claimed he didn't treat her like she should have been treated, and that he could never properly take care of a girl. Of course i told him that in fact he was treating me perfectly. Hes kind of cute though being insecure and all.  

My dad being the man he is, is still trying to tell me that my voice is to beautiful to hide and that i should rethink becoming a surgeon but that's my dream, that's what i want to do with my life. Besides my dad tried to get me to sing before, stage fright took over me and i could't do it. Then he tried modeling, Chloe was always the skinner one than me so she took that root. Every now and again me and Chloe do magazine covers and that stuff, but i don't think modeling is my thing. 

I just want to make my own life, i don't want to follow in my fathers foot steps, but i'm starting to think thats not going to happen concidering my phone has been blowing up wanting me to do interviews and a spree in magazines. They want me for who my dad is, they dont actually want me. I just want to be normal!



* So heres a little bit about Savannas life and all... I hope eveything is okay..* 

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