A Dream Come True

Savanna Carter lives a busy life from her dad being big in the music, and it only comes to get worse when she starts dating Justin Bieber. When the media puts out nasty rumors about Savanna will it get in the way of the couple? Or will she keep the promise she made Justin? Follow Savanna and her crazy life, and watch her dreams come true!


9. Justin?


sorry about the long wait ive been busy. Sorry about any mistakes. This was just a quick update.





When i woke up this morning, my phone was going off like crazy. About five missed calls from Justin's manager and mother. When i tried to call scooter back he didn't answer but Justin's mom did, but it Justin's mother wasn't on the line. "Savanna baby tell these people to let me leave, tell them you'll take care of me!" Justin was crying and his voice was horse. "Jay baby calm down what happened.?" 

"Savanna?" It was Pattie now. 

"Is everything okay? Is Justin okay?" 

"Justin has been sick the past few days but last night he collapsed on stage. Your the only thing hes been talking about"  I heard Justin in the background calling for me and he was crying and it broke my heart to hear that. "Pattie walk into the hallway so Justin cant hear you. please" 

"Okay sweetheart what is it?" 
"Where are you guys? I'm going to come there, just don't tell Justin." 

"Were still in Texas, you don't have to come Justin will be fine i promise."

"I trust you and im sure Justin will be okay, but if i dont come he will just keep calling me, and hes crying. I cant stand to hear him like that. I'm coming out there." 

"Your a good girl Savanna, you might want to pack for a few days, he wont be leaving anytime soon. I think the doctors are about to give him something to calm down so he'll get some sleep. Tell me what time your plane will be landing ill pick you up." 

"Thank you so much. ill talk to you in a little while."  




I'm a the airport in dallas my plane just landed and i was lucky my fight was only two hours so its only about 1 P.m. Pattie is meeting me at baggage claim. The only thing i can think about is Justin though, I really hope he's going to be okay. Pattie said that their keeping him to moniter him and so test to make sure its nothing to serouis.  

When i get to baggage claim Pattie is already their waiting for me with my bag. "Hi Savanna" 
"Hey I'm so sorry we have to meet like this. Is he okay?" 

"Scooter just texted me and told me he woke up, he is asking for you though." 

"Does he know i'm here." 

"No i thought it would be best if he didnt find out until we got their, i dont want him to be anxous or anything." 

"Hes calling me. " As soon as i got my phone back on i had missed calls and texts from justin. 

'Hi Jay" 

"Baby i miss you. This sucks i was supposed to come home today and i was supposed to be with you all week and now i'm stuck in this damn hospital and they wont let me leave.-"  

We were already driving back to the hospital and i didnt want to tell justin but he started crying.

"Vanna i just miss you so much i wanna hold you and i wanna kiss you but i can't, then they wouldnt let me call you last night when i got here so i couldn't even hear your voice. "

"Jay, baby, please stop crying, your going to make me cry. Its all going to be okay baby, i promise." 

"its not okay, i cant be with you, i hate this, i hate this so much." 

"I miss you too baby, buti want you to do something for me and ill have a suprise for you, Can you do that?"

"What do you want me to do?" 

"Stop crying, calm down and listen to what the doctors need you to do. Get some rest. okay? The more you listen the faster you'll get better okay? Now i know their going to do some tests on you but please baby. Corrorprate with the doctors and i will have a big surprise for you okay?"

"Will you tell me what it is?" 

"No but i promise its good, ill call you in a few hours okay?" 

"Okay baby. I love you and miss you so much" 

"I love you too baby" 

After i hung up with Justin i couldnt help but shead a few tears. Only a few more hours drive and ill be with justin and he will be happy again. 

"Did Justin tell you about his depression?" 

"No he didn't how long has this been going on for?" 

"A few months now. At first i was scared that maybe Justin was a little too caught up is the relationship because it was so early but now that i have meet you i'm sure you love him just as much." 

"I care about Justin a lot and i just want him to be well. That's why i'm here, i didn't know how much Justin actually missed me while he was away. It hurts me to hear him like this and it makes me think how is he at night when we get off the phone."

"He talks about you, a lot actually. Hes so happy with you savanna, even though he misses you horribly when you are apart."

"I really wish there was something more i could do but he has to work and i have school. And my dad wants me to work for him, I've just been so confused lately and im not event sure if i wanna go through with my medical degree anymore." 

"Do you want to work for your dad?" 

"I do, I've always have, My dad just signed a new band and he wants me to be their manger. I want to work in the music bussiness and i would love to work for my dad. I just dont want the position hes trying to give me." 

"Well just talk to your dad and work it out. Dont worry about justin he will be with whatever dicision you chose." 

"Why do you think Justin didn't tell me he was depressed.?" 

"Well, ever since hes been seeing you hes been much better, so he probably just didnt think it was nessacary or he didn't want to worry you." 

Were about a block away from the hospital and Justin called me interupting my conversation with his mother. 

"Baby I miss you. Scooter finally gave me my phone back. I need to hear your voice. I'm sorry if im anoying you." 

"Your not annoying me baby. I'm going to tell you something that will make you happy, but you have to promise me you will stay calm." 

"I promise" 

"I'm in Texas, on my way up to your room." 

"Are you really, this isn't a funny joke."

I stood out side his room and took a deep breath and hung up the phone.

"I'm really here baby"

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