A Dream Come True

Savanna Carter lives a busy life from her dad being big in the music, and it only comes to get worse when she starts dating Justin Bieber. When the media puts out nasty rumors about Savanna will it get in the way of the couple? Or will she keep the promise she made Justin? Follow Savanna and her crazy life, and watch her dreams come true!


10. I'm right here

* Okay the last chapter sucked dick (Justin's dick :P) So to make up for that, this chapter is going to be kind of long and i'm going to personally go through and make sure everything is perfect.. This chapter is pretty sad. I cried. omgg almost 1k reads! i never expected that. thank you so much.*



I stood out side his room and took a deep breath and hung up the phone.

"I'm really here baby" 


"Savanna!" Justin stood up to me and made his way to me quickly, tears already fighting to fall; he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into him, burring his face in my neck.


"I've missed you so much baby, I'm so glad your here." I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and rubbed smoothing circles into his back to try to keep him from crying again. "I missed you too baby, but i'm here now. Your going to get well so i can bring you home right? And get you back on tour?" 


"Yeah." Justin released me and sighed walking back to his bed. 


"Whats wrong baby?" 


"Is it wrong that i'm happy that i'm sick and i don't have to be on tour? Don't get me wrong i love visiting other country's and doing what i love, but i wanna do it with you. I want you to be waiting at the hotel for me when i get back from a concert. I don't want to go back to tour because i don't want to go back to an empty bed at a hotel or on my tour bus, i don't want to go back to being alone on long drives or plane rides from city to city, i don't want to go back to waking up every morning without you. Your the reason for my happiness and when your not with me that happiness is no where to be found." He was sitting on the bed his back facing me and i could tell the strain in his from voice trying not to cry.


"Jay? Why didn't you tell me you were depressed?" 


"I'm not depressed" He snapped back crying heavily now.


"Justin i can tell you are, just from how easily your crying, or how you acted on the phone with me." 


"I'm not depressed when i'm with you. You make me happy Savanna, that's why i didn't tell you, when i told Holly that i was depressed it just drove her away more i didn't want to take that risk with you." 


Holly was the girl that Justin was last with, the girl who told him he was a bad boyfriend and that he could never properly take care of a girl, the girl who made him believe he was so bad of a boyfriend that he didn't even want to bring me into his life because he was scared the exact same thing would happen, the reason he didn't even want to tell me he was depressed.


I would never run away from Justin because he was depressed, i would stick buy his side and make sure he got better, I would make sure he was happy! Its a little upsetting that Justin is scared to tell me about his past or personal problems but i know its just because this Holly chick fucked him up so bad. 


I walked to Justin and sat behind him, wrapping my legs and arms around him, trying my hardest to showed him I loved him. "Holly was a whore Justin, she used you and left you broken. I'm not going to do that to you, I'm here to stay Justin. If you would have told me that you were depressed i wouldn't have treated you any differently, I wouldn't have left you. It wouldn't have changed my mind on you, i would have made sure you were happy. I love you Justin, I love you so damn much. I just need you to believe me." 


"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have lied to you, i should have told you, i just figured that i was so happy with you that i would be fine on tour, but the second i got on that plane i was sad Justin again, my smile was no where to be seen and my eyes didn't hold that sparkle that they normally do. I wasn't the same with out you and i didn't know what to do. I don't like being with out you. Damn i sound needy." 


"Justin i want you with me, i would love to be around you all the time but you have to work, you know that. Your not needy Justin, your happy when your with me and that's why you crave to be around me, there is nothing wrong with that baby."  I felt Justin relax to my touch as he brought his arms up to rest on mine that was around his chest. 


"Thank you for coming baby, I needed you." He brought my hand up to kiss the top gently, intertwining our fingers. 


"I know baby." I kissed his shoulder, rocking us from side to side trying to comfort Justin to let him know I'm here for him. 


"Baby?" Justin asked.


"Yes love?" 


"I-I want to tell you something, because i want to be open with you, but don't... don't leave me please. I need you." His voice cracked and i felt tears drop down on our hands. 


I hugged him tighter, letting him know I'm here. "Tell me baby."


"I.. I think my depression is starting to return, I don't know why i'm depressed, I'm not even sure why i'm sad, all of the emotions in my head are just so confusing and it doesn't help. You seem to be my only escape from the voice in my head." 


"I'm here Justin, I'm right here" I pulled Justin down so we were laying down in a spooning position, Justin in front of me. He was crying, and it hurt to see him so broken, but i had to be strong for him. I knew i was what he needed right now. He was mumbling "don't leave" over and over. I just laid there holding him like that until he fell asleep. 


laying there with Justin, being so broken showed me there was no way i would be able to go to Seattle for my internship, all my time was dedicated to Justin and making him happy again. My medical degree could wait. Justin was my main priority right now. Plus this gave me the opportunity to work in the music business. 


Pattie walked in while Justin was still sleeping. "How is he doing?" 


"He's not so good. He's happy I'm here but he's dreading leaving me. You were right about his depression, and i think its a little more progressed than anyone thought." 


"I talked to the Doctor and they believe the reason Justin collapsed was because he was dehydrated. He's prescribing Justin an antibiotic and he's not to preform until he is well. He is also going to give him a antidepressant. Nothing to strong just something to help with the depression, but of course he cant make Justin take it, but the antibiotic is necessary. He's being discharged in a few hours and normally i would bring him home with me, but i"m sure he would rather be with you right now. So scooter set up a private jet to bring you back to L.A after he's free to go." 


"Thank you so much, I will make sure he takes his meds and i'll make sure he keeps in touch with you. I cant promise anything with the antidepressants but i will try." 


She walked over to us and kissed me and Justin on the forehead before walking to the door. "I'm going back home, Justin's rental is downstairs all of you guys luggage already packed and ready to go, Scooter is taking care of the concerts. Thank you for taking care of him." 


"It's my pleasure." 


We exchanged goodbyes before she left, leaving me and Justin alone. 


"Sleep baby, you need to rest too, we will be her for a few more hours." Justin said surprising me that he was awake. Justin rolled over, so did i as re changed positions so he was spooning me. "I will be okay, I promise, sleep please?" 


Soon his breathing was slowed down to a steady pace and i knew he was asleep, and thats all i needed to fall into a much needed sleep also. 

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