A Dream Come True

Savanna Carter lives a busy life from her dad being big in the music, and it only comes to get worse when she starts dating Justin Bieber. When the media puts out nasty rumors about Savanna will it get in the way of the couple? Or will she keep the promise she made Justin? Follow Savanna and her crazy life, and watch her dreams come true!


7. I hate goodbyes

As me and Justin drive down the interstate, its silent in the car. Im holding his right hand playing with his fingertips. 

Justin: I should have done something sweeter to ask you. 

Savanna: What do you mean?

Justin: I feel like it wasnt good enough, the way i asked you? I could have done better. 

Savanna: Justin why do you always question yourself?

Justin: I, I just want to be the best boyfriend i can. 

Savanna: Justin i like you just the way you are. 

Justin: I just havent had the best of luck with my girlfriends in the past. I  just want everything to be perfect. 

Savanna: Justin everything is perfect. YOU are perfect

Justin started to pull over on the side of the road. 

Savanna: Baby is everything okay? 

Justin: I just wanted to kiss you. 

Savanna: Such a cheesy boy

Once i made Justin start driving again because i was sure he would miss his flight if he didnt, it went back to silence in the car. It wasnt a bad silence, it was calming. i was trying to avoid the voice in the back of my head that kept saving Justin is leaving. 

Okay so even if he is leaving hell be back in a week, and we can talk on the phone right? 

No hes going to be busy with work.

So what im still his #1 girl. 

Until he comes on contact with some sexy little thing. 

"God just shut up!" 

Justin: Baby are you okay? 

Shit! I said that out loud. 

Savanna: Im fine just talking to myself. 

Justin: Whats wrong baby? 

Savanna: You wont forget about me will you? 

Justin: What is this about? 

Savanna: Well your going to be surrounded by thousands of girls and im sure youll find someone prettier and better than me and i 

Justin: Stop it right there. You are beautiful! There is no way that im going to forget about you. All of my free time will be sent talking to you. I don't care about all the other girls i only want you, and im not getting on that plane until you understand that. Savanna I'm all yours, you dont have to worry about anything okay? 

Savanna: Okay. Lets get your stuff. 

Justin Grabbed his suit case and we headed towards the airport lobby. By time Justin was done with the baggage claim it was time for him to board the plane.

Justin: Okay baby be safe driving back home, if you come in contact with the paps just keep your head down and ignore them, they will say hurtful things to you but you just have to keep walking. I will call you as soon as my plane lands okay? 

Justin hugged me tight i just stood there with my arms around his torso knowing this is goodbye. 

Savanna: I hate goodbyes. 

Justin: I refuse to say goodbye. I will see you in a few days though. 

Still enjoying the warmth his body brought to mine i reached up and kissed his lips gently. I pulled away and looked at him in the eyes. 

Justin: I miss you already. I don't want to let you go

Savanna: Go before your plane leaves. 

Justin kissed me hard and started to walk away. Looking back every few seconds. I dont plan on leaving until he's on the plane. Just before he reached the gate he turned around and ran back to me. 

Savanna: Justin what are you doing go!

Justin: I forgot something. 

Savanna: What did you forget. 

Justin: To tell you i loved you. 

The smile on my face was big which gave Justin the reaction he was looking for. I wasnt going to say it back just because my trust issues but i wanted Justin to know that i did like him a lot and he had nothing to worry about. So i gave him a long kiss and told him to get on his plane. 

He did as i said turning around and running back to the gate, and once he was gone it was my turn to turn around and leave. 

Walking out of the airport was hard as soon as the paps noticed me. I did as Justin said and kept my head down and ignored their questions, and once i was in the safety of his car, -which smelled like him and only made me miss him more.- i drove off as fast as i could just wanting to get home and get in bed. 

Once i made it home and reached my bedroom i was greeted by a pile of sweats and a black sweater that had 'BIEBER' written across the back in big purple letters, from when justin had spent the night. I put the jacket on and laid in bed taking in Justin's scent from the jacket. Turing on the tv only to see my face walking out of the airport. 

Justin Biebers girlfriend Savanna Carter was seen leaving LAX today after dropping Justin off. Savanna was seen driving away in Justins car. Moments later Justin tweeted a pic of the adorable couple saying "Just left my girl, miss her already. @savannacarter" 

Savanna is the daughter of Jesse Carter who owns Carter Studios and Carter! Management. Looks like the little rich girl is set for life having money come from both men in her life. 

And that is where i turned off the T.V.  I didnt want to know what else they had to say about me i just wanted to sleep. then my phone rang.

Savanna: Hello? 

???: So my baby girl is dating Mr.Bieber is she? 

Savanna:Yes dad i am. I'm Sorry i havent told you. i just got back from the airport. 

Jesse: Oh i know, Your all over the news. Do i need to get you a security team? From what the video shows you barely made it out of the airport. 

Savanna: Daddy im your daughter not your client, i don't want a security team. I'll be fine. 

Jesse: Okay i trust you but the second i hear anything about you getting trampled your getting security. It was bad enough when you just had the last name of Carter. Its going to be worse now that your dating Bieber. 

Savanna: I know dad. I can handle it. 

Jesse Okay baby i have to go i expect to see you here tomorrow though i want to have lunch, catch up, learn about your relationship. 

Savanna: I'll see you tomorrow I love you daddy.

Jesse: I love you to baby girl, be safe. 

Savanna: I will. 

It was nice hearing my dads voice, i don't get to talk to him much due to his crazy work schedule. I'm glad i got to talk to him.  Just as i was ready to fall back asleep my phone rang again. 

Savanna: Hey baby.

Justin: When you told me your last name was Carter i didnt think you meant daughter of Jesse Carter, scariest man in the business. 

Savanna: Daddy's not scary. Hes a very loving man. 

Justin: Yeah okay your "daddys little girl" i expect you to say that. 

Savanna: Justin you don't have to worry. He's not going to hurt you. 

Justin: He doesnt need to. He can pay for someone to it for him. 

Savanna: Shut up. I just talked to him he's happy. Now if you dont mind i would like to go to bed. 

Justin: blahhh fine lazy. I'll talk to you later. I love you

Savanna: Love you to baby.

With that i went to be with a smile on my face. 



*Well guys Happy New Year!*

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