A Dream Come True

Savanna Carter lives a busy life from her dad being big in the music, and it only comes to get worse when she starts dating Justin Bieber. When the media puts out nasty rumors about Savanna will it get in the way of the couple? Or will she keep the promise she made Justin? Follow Savanna and her crazy life, and watch her dreams come true!


4. I could kisss you forever

*So lately i've found myself trying to make this story so it looks perfect. But perfect doesnt exist. So Savanna and Justin can't have a perfect life. So if your one of the readers reading this saying my story is moving to fast the don't read it if you don't like it. There is NO perfect way for a relationship to begin. Just remember that as this story continues. Btw Anna is Savannas nickname. Hope you don't get confused. *


Laying under Justin, his lips pink from our shared kiss, his eyes looking in to mine, and i swear in that moment i saw love in his eyes. Which should have meant more to me than what it really did. I on the other hand was coming down from the high Justin gave me. In this moment i was looking up at Justin, who had the biggest smile on his face, which caused me to smile back at him. I was happy, seeing him happy, and knowing i was the reason for the beautiful smile on his face, made it even better. Leaning back up once again to close the space between us i couldn't help but smile when Justin started pecking my lips, smiling between each one. 

Justin: I could kiss you forever

Anna: Is that a challenge Bieber?

Justin: Maybe, if your up for it. 

I couldn't help but laugh at him trying to be a flirt. 

Anna: Your cute Bieber"

Justin: I know

Justin flipped us over so i was resting on his chest, his heart was beating fast, as if he was nervous or something, which i didn't understand why. If anyone should be nervous it was me, I was laying here with the best guy in the world, well from what i knew of him so far. I've known Justin for a few days now and he has been nothing but nice, and i don't know if i'm ready to give that up. He's leaving tomorrow and i have nothing to remember him by.. okay that sounds creepy. And that's when i thought. 

Anna: The picture!

Justin: What picture? Savanna where are you going.?

Anna: Our picture Justin

The meet and great, they gave us a picture, i remember coming home and putting it on the shelf in my closet. I open the double doors to my huge walk in closet which my dad paid to much money building and remodeling, but i wont complain. Its nice having a closet the size of my master bathroom. 

Justin: Damn this is your closet.

Anna: I'm a Daddy's girl. He thinks spoiling me will make up for the fact that he wasnt there for me when i was younger. He doesn't allow me to work, he says i should be taken care of. He pays for all my online collage classes, Standford. to be exact. Only the best for his little girl he says.

Justin: What the hell. i'm Justin damn Bieber for gods sake and my closet isn't this big. I didn't think anything about the huge bedroom. but this closet is, wow.

Anna: You should see my master bathroom. The shower is big enough for two. Don't even get me started on the bath tub with the jets. God that thing is amazing. Great stress reliever.

The look on Justin's face was priceless when we walked into my bathroom.

Justin: God it's big, what does your dad do? 

Anna: He owns recording studios all across the east and west coast.

I waked back to my closet to get our picture off of the shelve, well at least i smiled, forgetting that awkward situation i was in that day.

Anna: Justin! Come here! 

I handed Justin the picture and he smiled.

Justin: You actually kept it. 

Anna: Did you think i would get rid of it? 

Justin: Well you weren't to happy that day.

Anna: I wouldn't say i wasn't happy, just kind of an awkward situation.


Justin walked up to me and cupped the right side of my face with his hand.


Justin: Is it still awkward?

He was looking straight in my eyes, and it was my turn for my heart to race. 

Anna: N-no

Justin: Good 

With that his lips hooked with mine.

Justin: Savanna, Babe are you okay? You seem kind of out of it.

Justin: Well considering i stayed up all night writing a paper for my anatomy class, and you woke me up two hours after i fell asleep i'm a little tired.

Justin: babe why didn't you tell me i would have let you sleep later.

Anna: Jay i'm fine i swear.

Justin: Jay, I like it. How about this. I need to go to my hotel and make sure all of my stuff is packed and ready to go for tomorrow after the concert. We can go to my hotel, get some dinner, then we can come back here and we can nap. Sound good?

Anna: Sounds amazing.

Justin: Alright, lets go. 

Justin grabbed his keys off of my bedside table.

Anna: Justin i need to change. I'm only in sweats and a t-shirt.

Justin: You look beautiful, lets go.

Anna What about dinner?

Justin: room service unless you want to be tomorrows head line news.

Anna: Room service it is, fine lets go

Were now arriving at the hotel Justin is staying at and luckily there aren't any paps nor screaming girls. So maybe we can get in this place with out being seen. Justin pulls threw the valet line and handed his keys over to the guy, then were in the lift on our way to his floor. Have i mentioned how long the ride on a lift is going up to the 8th floor. Getting more and more tired by the second i lay my head on Justin's shoulder and close my eyes until i hear the certain ding which means were on his floor.

Justin: Baby when we get to my room you can lay down while i pack everything okay? 

I just shook my head tiredly as Justin lead me into his room. He brought me to the bed and tucked me in. How sweet, i gave him a smile speaking the 'thank you' my mouth couldn't say. 

Justin: I shouldn't be long, i'm going to pack my bag then ill order us some food, then i'll come lay with you 

Justin kissed my temple and walked off to somewhere in the room, while i was falling asleep and fast.


*Dont judge how i write my story, im lazy. Well You'll like the next chapter, i hope.... LOve you guys!(:* 

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