A Dream Come True

Savanna Carter lives a busy life from her dad being big in the music, and it only comes to get worse when she starts dating Justin Bieber. When the media puts out nasty rumors about Savanna will it get in the way of the couple? Or will she keep the promise she made Justin? Follow Savanna and her crazy life, and watch her dreams come true!


12. Don't leave me

We've been back at my place for about three day's now, Justin's getting better... Somewhat. Physically he is better, mentally well lets just say he's working on it. He is taking the antidepressants he was given, but hes still a little down. He's fine when were hanging out and having fun, but the second he is reminded about tour that is when he gets sad again. 


Personally i think its me... Am i big-headed to think the reason he doesn't want to go back on tour is because he doesn't want to leave me? I'm serious though, when we start to talk about tour he starts to mention how everything would be so much fun if i was there, how everything would be so much more worth his while if i could be apart of it too. It saddens me to see Justin act this way, and i imagine its worse when hes away on tour.. But were working on it. 


"Baby I'm back"  Justin went out to meet scooter earlier. 


"I'm in the kitchen, how did your meeting with scooter go?" I asked Justin when he entered the kitchen. 


"Perfect, tour starts back up in 2 days." Oh. No i'll miss you, nothing just 'tour starts in 3 days' 


"You seem really happy about going back on tour." 


"Yeah, because your coming with me!"


"I'm what!?" When did i agree to this?


"I told scooter how i didn't want to go back on tour unless you came with me, and he told me you can come! Well that is if you want to anyway..." 


"I don't know Justin, I don't know if i can just up and leave my life right now, with me switching career paths and going to work for my dad, i just have so much going on right now."


"When did you decide to switch career paths, I thought you wanted to be a surgeon?" 


Lie, Nicole. 


"The whole blood thing isn't looking so good anymore" 


You suck at lying.


Shut up!


"Come on Baby, That's all you ever talked about, what's the real reason?" 


"Well... Honestly, you need me and If i would have kept that job i would be in Seattle right now, and i cant help you from Seattle. So i quit. Besides, my dad offered me better." 


"So let me get this straight, you quit your 'dream job' because of me?"


"No, not just you, but your part of the reason.." The look on Justin's face right now could kill me, he looks disappointed in me...


"No, no no. Savanna i told you when we first started dating that i wouldn't ruin your life. I didn't tell you i was depressed because i didn't want you to change your life for me, and that's what your doing. Savanna i don't want you to look back in ten years and hate yourself for not doing what you really wanted to because of me! Hell we might not even last that long." What? 


"Baby, What are you saying?" Cue tears. 


"I'm saying don't do this! Don't quit your job for me. Don't go work for you dad because of me. Shit! A week ago you told me you didn't want to work for your dad! What changed Savanna! What the hell changed?" By now he was screaming at me and i was really crying. 


"I-I just had a change of heart..." 


Once again, nice lying. 


"Savanna, Stop. What. Changed." 


"I just wanna make sure your okay, and i cant do that from Seattle!" 


"Savanna, I told you not to do this. Don't do this."


"Well maybe i shouldn't, since you obviously don't see a future for us! Justin if this is just some game to you then i want out! I've been hurt too much for one lifetime, and i don't need to be hurt by some stuck up pop star who has his head stuck so far up his own ass he cant see day light!! It's all about you huh Justin! You don't think we'll last that long? Huh? What about me Justin did you think for one second that i might actually be in this because i really do love you and i might want some kind of future with you!" 


"I never said i didn't love you"


"Justin can you leave, please. I need to think. I-i , just leave, please." 


"Savanna, Baby. Don't do this." 


"Justin, please. I will call you later." I walked to the door, Justin following behind me. 


"Baby, I love you, come on you know that. Please don't do this. I'm sorry. I just don't want you to quit your job because of me." 


"You can stay, just give me a minute."


Justin has a key, so kicking him out wont do any good. Knowing him he will just come back in an hour to check on me, so i just walked up stairs and laid in my bed, turned away from the door, and pulled the blanket up to my chin. Justin didn't follow me up here, thank god. I just, i cant believe he said that. Like i'm probably just over reacting but does he really not see a future with me? God, whoever thought Justin was too emotionally invested in this relationship, was wrong. I'm the one who is to invested. merely two months with the dude and i'm already freaking out about the future. And i think i just broke up with him? God I'm a horrible person. I hope Justin is still here.


To Justin: Are you still here baby? 


Yes, i am lazy and i'm not getting up.


From Justin: I am, are you okay?


To Justin: No, will you come up here please.


A few seconds later i hear Justin walk in my room.


"Baby?" Justin asked.


I sat up and faced him. "Justin i'm so sorry, i shouldn't have said the things i said, and i shouldn't have freaked out like that when you said you didn't know if we would be together in ten years. I-I i just-" I couldn't finish my sentence because i started crying again. 


Justin was not sitting in front of me on my bed and pulled me into his arms while i cried on his shoulder. "Baby stop crying. It's not your fault, i shouldn't have let you think i don't see a future between us because that is a lie. You make me the happiest person in the world and i don't plan on letting you go anytime soon." 


"Do you still love me?" 


"That is the stupidest thing i have heard Savanna... Of course i still you, why wouldn't i?"


"Because i almost broke up with you for no reason at all."


Justin pulled me down to lay with him. "Baby, i love you. I will always love you, there is no way your getting rid of me." 


"I love you Justin so much, I'm sorry."


"I love you too baby. Get some sleep, well talk about tour and your job tomorrow okay?"








(I'm sorry that it has been so long since I've updated! I just had a bunch of things going on, but i'm going to try to start updating sooner. I broke my phone a few days ago, but i will be getting a new one soon, and then i will be updating a whole lot more!!! I prefer the keyboard on my phone better. haha. Anyway leave feed back please? It would be really appreciated! :) <3






Favorite and fan me!:) 


Love you guys. 


P.s If i started doing qotd would you answer? Ah its just an idea i had. 



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