A Dream Come True

Savanna Carter lives a busy life from her dad being big in the music, and it only comes to get worse when she starts dating Justin Bieber. When the media puts out nasty rumors about Savanna will it get in the way of the couple? Or will she keep the promise she made Justin? Follow Savanna and her crazy life, and watch her dreams come true!


3. Bad news

I woke up to my door bell ringing, I looked at my phone and it was 9 a.m, I had some texts but i didnt bother to read them. i slipped on a pair of sweat pants and walked to the front door, their stood a happy looking Justin. 

"Hey Savanna did i wake you i'm sorry i can come back later if you'd like." 

"Uh yea you did wake me but it was time for me to get up anyway, come in" 

Justin walked in and i shut the door behind him , i turned around to see Justin standing their with his arms wide open waiting for a hug. I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his torso and his put his around my shoulders. I hid my face in his neck and we just stood there, his hugs were amazing, i could stand here all day, he smelled really good too, hehe. (:P) 

"I see someones happy to see me" Justin said looking down at me. 

"Maybe, i'm sill a little tired and your warm and comfortable." Justin just blushed

"Well the faster we put a movie on the faster i can cuddle you" Now was my turn to blush, i grabbed Justin's hand and led him to the living room and i sat down on the couch and curled up in a ball. I pointed over to the movie rack "Movies are over there pic whatever you want." Justin just chuckled and walked over to the movie rack. I laid my head down on the arm rest next to me, a few seconds later Justin sat next to me on the couch and pulled me into his chest, 

"You can go back to sleep if you'd like" 

"No i can stay up." 

Justin didn't listen to me, he just laid back on the couch and pulled me in his chest and started singing. He was running his fingers through my hair which made me even sleepier, and it wasn't long before i fell asleep.


When i woke up i was still on Justin's chest, one hand resting on my bac, one stroking my hair. He was watching tv, laughing cutely , the smile on his face was priceless. 

"Have i ever mentioned how much i love your smile?" 

"Savanna your awake" 

"How long was i out?" 

"Only about 30 minutes actually. Do you feel better baby?" Justin said kissing my temple. I had butterfly's in my stomach when he called me baby. 

"i do feel better, thank you." i gave Justin a nice smile. 

"Well i'm getting hungry, do you wanna get lunch?" 

"Can we order in? Like pizza or something?"

"You know Savanna, i was actually going to ask if pizza was okay"

"Okay well i'll go get my laptop and we can order."

I walked back to my bedroom and grabbed my laptop. I opened it up and twitter came up. I must have forgotten to close it out, i was going to close twitter when i saw a pic of me and Justin walking out of the arena.

i walked out and read the article to Justin. 

Does Justin have a new Mystery girl? 

Justin was spotted yesterday walking out of the Los Angeles arena hand in hand with a brown haired beauty. This wasn't the first time Justin was spotted with this girl. Just Thursday We spotted Justin curled up on a park bench with the girl watching the sun set. What a romantic! Does Justin have a new girlfriend and does she know he will be heading off to Texas tomorrow morning? 

"Wait what? Why didn't you tell me you were leaving tomorrow? 

"Savanna please don't be mad, this isn't how i wanted you to find out."

"Justin i'm not mad i just wish you would have told me sooner." I sat down on the couch, and ordered the pizza and Justin took my laptop from me. 

"Savanna look at me please"


"Savanna i have to go to Texas for a week then i have four days off, then i can come back here and spend those days with you."

"Okay but what about after that, i cant have you flying across the country for me." 

"Savanna we will figure something out i promise." 

What am i doing, i met Justin only to days ago and i already feel that i won't live without him. Just shut up Savanna just deal whats going on right now. 

"Savanna please don't over think this, everything will be alright."

"Okay" On the out side i was faking a smile, but in the inside i was over thinking the situation, "I guess were just going to have to work this out day by day." 

"We'll be okay, come here." Justin pulled me into his lap and i put my head in his neck, and he kissed my forehead. God i wish he would just kiss me already. Then the door bell ringed. 

"Let me go get my purse." 

"Babe your not paying, here" Justin handed me the money for the pizza, 

"Just let me pay." 


"Ugh fine" I took the money from Justin and went to open the door. 

"Uh how much" i asked the guy who was staring me up and down. 


I handed him the money and took the pizza from him. "You gunna eat that pizza alone sweetheart?"

"No she's not" I turned around to see Justin standing there looking a little mad. 

"Okay then, have a nice day." The guy just walked away and i shut the door. I turned around to see Justin standing there with his arms crossed. 

"Someones jealous'' i said walking past him and heading into the kitchen, Justin hot on my trail. 

"I am not jealous, i just don't like people messing with things that are mine." Justin came behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and sat his head on my shoulder. I continued putting the pizza on some plates for us. 

"I see" 

"What's that supposed to mean" 

"Nothing, i still think its jealousy." 

"Phft whatever." 

"Take your pizza jealous boy."  I handed Justin his pizza and went to sit down.

"I'm not jealous."

"Okay honey" I said pinching Justin's cheek like he was a little kid.

I continued to eat my pizza and watch the tv, Justin sat there quiet, and i knew what was wrong with him. "Fine you're not jealous." 

"Thank you" I mumbled 'so jealous' under my breath and thank god he didn't hear me. I finshed my pizza and put my plate in  the dishwasher Justin following behind me and doing the same, I ran back to the couch and laid down making sure to take up all the room i could. 

"Hey that's no fair, theirs no room for me" Justin had a sad look on his face. I got up and ran up the stairs to my bedroom and hid under the sheets. Thank god my blanket was real thick. 

"Baby i know your in here." 

"I can hear you giggling" 

Next thing i know i'm being held down and tickled. I pull my head out from under the blanket and look at Justin, "Justin.... s-stop please!" 

"let me think about that... mmmm nah" 

"Justin please" 

"I will if you kiss me" I just looked in Justin's eyes, in that moment with the biggest smile on his face i knew he wanted to kiss me just as much if not more than i wanted to kiss him. Justin stopped tickling me and started lowering his self toward me, he cupped the side of my face with his hand and kept the other one on my waist, repositioning himself to where he was hovering over me. I couldn't take it any longer i broke the space between us and kissed him. My stomach fluttered, fireworks going off like it was the fourth of July. This kiss was like no kiss i have had before, it was rough and demanding, while at the same time being soft, sensual, and intimate, he wanted more, he slowly pulled me closer to him and our tongues intwined together, he tasted like passion. It felt like there was nothing else in the world, everything else faded out of view, i could have kissed him like that forever, if i hadn't needed to breathe, our lips parted with such hesitance.....




Cliffhanger ...... Muhhahahahhaha 








love u (: 



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