The Night That Changed Our Lives (Sequel)

Sequel to the first one. If you haven't read that one yet, read it. It will be easier to understand this story. But if you don't want to read the other one, you will catch on eventually. This will be short. Enjoy!!!


6. Move in With Me?

Carissa's POV

So after everyone left, Drew helped me clean up. I really like him! We've been dating for a few months now and I couldn't be happier. That's right! I couldn't be happier! When I was with Louis... I was never this happy! Drew brings out the best in me.

"You know babe, I've been thinking..." He said putting his arm around me.

"Oh shit you've been thinking!" I said which made him laugh. He kissed me on the cheek and continued.

"I think we should move in together..." 

I turned to face him. "What?"

"Yeah! I think we should move in together!" He said getting down on one knee.

"What the-"

"Carissa... Will you please make me the happiest man in the world and move in with me?" He asked giving me a key to his place. 

My jaw dropped "...Yes!" I couldn't help but smile. He stood up and held me in his arms for a long while. I wish this night would never end!

Louis' POV

"Babe we can't fight like this forever!!!" I screamed through the door that led to the bathroom.

The door opened and Eleanor came out a hugged me. "I wish we didn't have to fight." She said

rubbing my back.

"I know babe." I couldn't help but roll my eyes. She's the one who always starts it! She really annoys me sometimes. "I need to go. I have to meet up with... Zayn."

"Oh... okay... I'll miss you!" 

I smiled and grabbed my jacket and walked out the door. I was almost to my car when she yelled from the porch "I love you!!!"

"Thanks!!!" I yelled back and quick got out of there!


I lied to Eleanor... I told her that I had to meet up with Zayn, but I'm actually going to meet a good friend of mine. Her name is Ally. I met her through Carissa.

I walked into the pub and sat down next to the beach blonde.

"Hey!" She said hugging me tight. She gave really good hugs!


"How's it going? I haven't seen you in forever!" She asked putting her hand on my shoulder. (not flirty though!)

"Yeah! It's going!" I said ordering myself a few shots.

She gave me a concerned look. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing.." I said smiling trying to convince her.

"Bull shit! What happened? Did you and Carissa have a fight?"

"No me and Carissa broke up three years ago..."

"Oh my god! I didn't even know! I'm sorry! Who are you dating now?"

"Um a girl named Eleanor."

"That's a really pretty name! Do you two get into a fight?"

"Yeah, but we always do..." I said taking a shot.


"I don't know... I guess we just don't get along. It's a love hate relationship."

"Love Hate? Why is it a love hate relationship?"

"She loves me and I hate her. I started off really liking her but know... I don't at all!"

"If you don't like her just break up with her!"

"It's not that easy!" I took another shot.

"What are talking about?"

"I've tried before..."

She gave me a questioning look.

"The day after I would break up with her she would find me and act like nothing happened!"

"Freaky!" She said taking one of my shots.

"Hey! That was mine!"

"We can always get more!" She smiled and got her phone out. "So, are you and the boys going on tour?"

"Yeah. We're leaving this Friday!"

"Wow! That's soon!! When's your first concert and where?"

"Sunday in New York."

"Oh cool! My brother lives there."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah! I might be able to go to the show! I'm going up to see him on Friday."

"Yeah, keep me updated! I might be able to get you back stage."

"That would be great!"

We both took a shot. It's crazy how much I've missed her!


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