The Night That Changed Our Lives (Sequel)

Sequel to the first one. If you haven't read that one yet, read it. It will be easier to understand this story. But if you don't want to read the other one, you will catch on eventually. This will be short. Enjoy!!!


4. Everything is Coming So Fast

Marley's POV

The Take Me Home Tour starts in one week. The boys have rehearsing for 3 months now and have made incredible progress.

They have two opening acts. The first band is called Reverse Order and the second band is called 5 Seconds Of Summer. 

Carissa is actually dating Drew, who is in Reverse Order! They met during rehearsals and they both seem really happy together! Don't get me wrong, Carissa was happy with Louis but she lights up when she sees Drew and I couldn't be happier for her.

Megan has been to almost every single rehearsal! She had to go to her OBGYN every 3 weeks. She's starting to get pretty big now. She calls me with questions about pregnancy when something happens. It really means a lot to me that she trusts me.

Toby joined his first little league baseball team last week and Lila joined girl scouts. One Direction always ask fans to spend 5 bucks on some cookies for Lila. Then when I check the mail, their are hundreds of dollars for cookies! It's amazing what being famous can do.

Toby and Lila keep asking Harry and I for another brother or sister. Lila is set on a sister but Toby came up to Harry and I the other day and said "Mommy, I know I've been asking for a baby brother but I want to be the only boy. So you can have another baby girl." and then he just walked out of the room. Harry and I were laughing so hard!

I don't think that  I'm actually ready to have another baby! I mean Harry is about to go on tour and I will not let what happened before happen again! I can't be pregnant alone with out Harry. Second of all, Toby and Lila are only 5 years old! Yet I don't want to wait too long to have another baby. I don't know what to do...


A/N: Hey y'all! So I need your opinions on something! I have a really great idea for a new movella but... I just started this one and I don't know if I should wait until this one is over. I feel like I made a mistake starting this one. When I read the old one, I feel like I ended the story perfectly! Should I continue this? End it early? Tell me what you think! I don't know what to do... thanks xxMarley


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