The Night That Changed Our Lives (Sequel)

Sequel to the first one. If you haven't read that one yet, read it. It will be easier to understand this story. But if you don't want to read the other one, you will catch on eventually. This will be short. Enjoy!!!


10. Brian

A/N: Hey everyone! This is going to be the last chapter. It's going to be long though. So that's good. I'm hoping to sum everything up in this chapter. It's been really fun writing this book. I hope you liked it. I'm going to be starting something soon. Probably after I finish Don't Let Me Go. I'll make sure to let you guys know about characters. 


Megan's POV

So Marley and the kids just got back from the tour and I'm about to pop. I'm officially 9 months pregnant. I'm actually due any time. I'm thankful that Marley is here. I don't know what would happen if I was alone when I went into labor.

Marley called me an hour ago and told me that she was on her way over. So she should be over any time now.

Just then I heard a knock at the door. I stumbled out of bed. It's hard to get out of bed when your belly is bigger than your head. I waddled down the steps and opened the door. Lila and Toby came running in and Marley looked exausted.

"Hey sexy mama!" I said hugging her. She rolled her eyes and smiled.

"You're going to be one soon!" She came in and set her and the kids things down. "Any day now right?"

We walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. "Yeah. Any day! I'm excited."

"You aren't nervous?"

"A little bit." I looked down at my belly and rubbed my hand over it. "I'm just want him out!"

Marley laughed "I know the feeling." She smiled and put her hair up in a messy bun. "I remember when I was nine months. Its was like I ate two watermellons whole!"

"Yeah I remember! Toby and Lila were huge babies!"

We both looked over at them playing. "It's incredible how fast they grow..." Marley said gazing at them. "On the plane... Toby was throwing a trantrum because Harry has his teddy bear... And he told me he hated me for the first time..." I looked over at Marley who had tears in her eyes. "It's the worse feeling in the world."

I scooted over closer to her and hugged her. "Marley, Toby will grown out of that stage soon."

"I hope..." A tear fell down her cheek but she wiped it away quick. "Lila isn't that far behind him."

"Marley, you know they love you! It's just a faze!"

She nodded her head and picked up her phone. Harry was calling her.


2 days after

I woke up with the need to pee really bad. Like most nights. I useally go every few hours when I sleep. I wobbled over to the bathroom and sat down. But I didn't pee. I felt a huge gush. 

"Shit! My water broke!"

I quick got up and dialed Marley's number.

"Hello?" She aswered with a tired voice.

"Mar my water just broke!"

"Oh shit! Okay! I 'll be right over!"


Marley picked me up in a few minutes.

"YOU BROUGHT THE KIDS!" I said looking in the back of her car.

"I wasn't just going to leave them there alone!"

"You make a valid point."

I then called up Niall.

"Hey baby!!! How are you!? I miss you a lot!"

"My water broke and Marley is taking me to the hospital."

"Holy shit! I'll be there as quick as I can."


Here I am laying down in a hospital bed. The doctor said that I won't go into labor for a long time. Marley and the kids are here and hanging out, waiting for Niall to get here.

Just then he ran in the room and hugged me. "Oh my god baby!!"

"I'm fine! It's going to take a while to get him out."

"Oh thank god! I thought I was going to miss it!" Niall kissed my fore head. He turned over to Marley and the kids. "Harry, Carissa and the other boys are going to be here in a few minutes. I ran to get here from the car."

Marley smiled and the kids started to jump up and down.


Marley's POV

After a few minutes, Harry, Carissa and the other boys walked in. Lila and Toby ran over to Harry and jumped into his arms. He held them both with one arm. Damn he's strong!

I stood up and hugged Carissa and Drew. They went over to Megan and I hugged Liam and Nia, Zayn and Lexi, and Ally and Louis. After I said hi to everyone I walked over to Harry who was still holding the kids. He smiled, put them down and then walked over to me.

"Hey baby." He said wrapping his arms around my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Hi." I smiled and he kissed me. I never noticed how much I missed him. We were only apart for a few days but I was a mess without him. So were the kids. I felt him smile through the kiss and he began to laugh. "What?"

"So Toby told you he hated you for the first time..."

"How'd you know that?"

"Megan called NialL and was hysteric that their kid was going to do that and then he told me."

"I was shocked when he said it. It was so out of the blue!"

"I bet! But know I'm here and I'm not leaving for a while!"

I looked at him with confusion. "But don't you have to go back on tour once Meg has the baby?"

"Niall said he isn't going back until the baby can say his name."

"You're kidding!" I looked at him with wide eyes.

"Nope." He smiled and I jumped into his arms.


Megan's POV

Well, it's been 7 hours and I'm finally about to push! Niall grabbed my hand. No one else were in the room. Just Niall, Me, the doctor, and two nurses. 

They lifted my legs up in the risers and told me to push.


Niall's POV

At 12:34 PM, Brian James Horan was born.

He is the cutest baby I've ever seen. Don't get me wrong Toby and Lila are attractive kids but Brian is even more! I can't express the love I feel for him. When I held him for the first time... I felt so happy. Happier than I've ever been. Just seeing him smile, open his eyes, or even breath made me fan boy. Over my own son. I know...

I walked out to the waiting room and announced to every one. "It's a boy!!"

Liam walked over to me and hugged me. "We already knew it was a boy."

"Well did you know we named him Brian?"

"No!" "Ahhh!!!"  "Yayy!!" Everybody was so happy and excited!

I took them back to the room and they all knew to be quiet. Carissa got to hold Brian first. Then Marley, Harry, Drew, Liam, Zayn, Louis, Ally, Nia, and Lexi followed.

"He's beautiful Niall!" Marley said hugging me.

"Thank you! I can't believe he's finally here!"

"Good luck!" She smiled and knew exactly what she meant.


Carissa's POV

Drew and I left the hospital to give Megan and Niall time with Brian. I can't believe I'm an aunt to three kids now! Toby, Lila and Brian.

"You know seeing Brian made me start to think." Drew said putting his hand on top of mine.


"I think we should start a family..."

"I.. I don't think so..."

"Why not?"

"Because I'm not ready yet."

"Okay..." Drew didn't seem to happy but I don't want to push out a baby any time soon. And I don't know I want to have a kid with him...


Marley's POV

I can't believe Megan had Brian! I'm so excited to be an aunt for the first time!!! Harry and I are both really excited to see Brian grow up and become successful like Niall and Megan. 

"What a day!" I said finally pulling the covers up in bed after putting Toby and Lila to bed after 2 hours. 

"I can't believe Brian is here! It's seems like it was just a few days ago that she got pregnant!" Harry said after taking a sip of his water bottle.

"Yeah it does. I hope he sleeps well! Toby was hard to put to sleep when we first had him."

Harry laughed. "I remember how mad you were the next morning! It was so funny!"

"Oh yeah ha ha ha... no"

"It was funny because I had never seen you so moody!" He laughed some more. "You were like 'SHUT THE HELL UP!!' Your eyes had dark circles and you kept complaining about your vagina hurting."

"I did not!"

"You did too!"

"Okay fine I did!!" I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck. " I love you."

"I love you more!"

"I love you most!"

"I highly doubt it!" He kissed me softly and when we pulled apart he had a look on his face. Like he was thinking. 


"I don't know. I just don't know if I want to go back to One Direction."

My eyes widened. "What! What about the fans!?"

"I want to be with my kids and my beautiful girl! I don't want to be away from you."

"But it's your job. How will bring in money? I don't work!"

"Babe, we're set for a life time! We don't have to worry about money. We could have ten more kids and we still would be able to support them and pay to get them into college!"

"What if I want 11 more kids?" I said smiling. He grabbed my face and kissed me hard.

"I can make it work..." He said looking at me with lustful eyes.

You know what happened next... ;D


Megan's POV

Finally Niall, Brian and I are home from the hospital! It's been two weeks. I still don't know why we were there for that long but Brian is healthy and so am I, so I couldn't be more happy.

Niall is the best dad EVER!

I couldn't ask for a better guy. He's always so happy around Brian and I. I love him so much.



Marley and Harry ended up getting married three years later after their second daughter Darcy was born.

Carissa and Drew broke up two months after Megan had her baby. Drew kept on pressuring her st start a family, so Carissa ended it. But after a year, she finally found the right guy. Luke. They ended up getting married and had a son named Gavin.

Megan and Niall got married when Brian was 6. 

Louis and Ally got married and had a little girl named Lea.

Liam and Nia got married and had two daughters, Kim and Diana.

Zayn and Lexi got married and had two sons and one daughter. Conor, Sam, and Mia.

One Direction did a come back tour. All the fans were happy to have them back.

And like in all good stories, everyone lived a happily ever after. :)


Thank you everyone for reading this story. I had a lot of fun with these characters. Thanks for all of the support. I'm going to focus on Don't Let Me Go. I can't promise I'm going to be updating a lot because I'm starting school up again and I won't have a lot of time to update. Once I finish DLMG, I might do a sequel to Stranded. Once again, thanks for everything. xxMarley

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