The Night That Changed Our Lives (Sequel)

Sequel to the first one. If you haven't read that one yet, read it. It will be easier to understand this story. But if you don't want to read the other one, you will catch on eventually. This will be short. Enjoy!!!


5. Baby Shower!

Marley's POV

So today Carissa is coming over to plan Megan's baby shower with me. Niall will be dropping by after rehearsals to see how everything is going and to give some ideas. 

Toby is going to his friend's house and sleeping over. Lila is going to stay with Carissa and I to help out with decorations. She really loves flowers, so she will want our theme to be babies and flowers. But... Megan is having a boy named Brian so that won't work. Maybe Lila can help with the flower arrangements.

I can't believe that Carissa and I are throwing a baby shower for Megan already! It seams like it was just yesterday that she announced she was pregnant! I know she is going to make an amazing mom.

I remember 9 years ago when we were in 9th grande, we had to have 60 hours of community service for high school. Carissa, Megan and I all picked Big Brother and Big Sisters. On the first day we all got matched with a kid. I got a little girl named Ella. Carissa got a little girl named Grace. Megan got a little girl named Scarlett.

Megan and Scarlett became really attached throughout the summer and school years. When I would mention Scarlett to Megan she would just light up. Megan spent every Monday and Saturday with Scarlett. They were so cute! 

Megan even told me that if she was going to have a girl, she was going to name her Scarlett. But when she found out she was having a boy she was sad. So I told her that when her and Niall are ready they can name their baby girl Scarlett if they have a girl. She was happy then.

Just thinking about babies really makes me question about having another. I mean, yeah Harry and I are in love, but I really think two is enough. But as people say, 'Three times is the charm'.

I still don't know...


At around 12 noon, Carissa rang the doorbell. I opened the door and we both had big smiles on our faces. Lila came running from upstairs and hugged Carissa tight.

"Auntie Carissa! I missed you sooo much!!!" Lila said hugging Carissa and jumping up and down.

"Hey there squirt! How are you?" Carissa said putting her things down and kneeling down so that Lila and her were eye to eye.

Carissa always said that she hated kids and she was never going to have them. But she loves Lila and Toby. And I'm sure she will love Brian too.

"I'm fabulous now that you're here!" Lila said with glamour like Mariah Carrey. I think she's been watching American Idol when Harry and I around.


After 5 hours of deliberating, eliminating, and arguing we finally figured out all of the details to Megan's baby shower. We decided that the theme is "Welcome to the Wild West!" there is going to be lots of food. Chicken, Pork, and Beef for the meats. Pasta. Salad with whatever dressing. French Fries. There is even going to be a candy bar instead of a actual bar, with everything from Twizzlers to Jelly Babies.

We called Niall and told him not to come because we wanted it to be a surprise to him and Megan.


Day of baby shower:

Well today is the day! The day of Megan's baby shower! I'm so excited to see her and Niall's reaction when they see everything!

Harry, Toby, Lila, and I piled into the car and drove to Carissa's house, where the shower was taking place to help set up. It was mostly Carissa, Me, and Lila who helped set up. Harry, Toby and Drew just hung out and watched football (soccer) until everyone else showed up.

After about 10 minutes after everyone showed up, Megan and Niall showed up.

"Oh my god!!! Guys!!!" Megan screamed. She had no idea that we were throwing her a baby shower.

"Surprise!!!!" We all yelled.

The look on her face was priceless. "I can't believe you guys!!" she continued "I love you guys so much!" Megan said coming over to Carissa and I hugging us tight.

"We love you too!" Carissa and I said at the same time.


What an amazing day! Seeing Megan happy like that really made me happy! She deserves it. 

I can't wait for Brian to come!! I'm so excited for Niall and Megan! I know that they were trying but they weren't conceiving. Megan went to the doctor and they said that everything was fine. And after a few more tries... They were pregnant. Megan is going to be a great mom. Niall is going to be a great dad. I'm just so happy for them!




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