The Night That Changed Our Lives (Sequel)

Sequel to the first one. If you haven't read that one yet, read it. It will be easier to understand this story. But if you don't want to read the other one, you will catch on eventually. This will be short. Enjoy!!!


1. Author Note

Hey everyone! So just to catch you all up on who is who, I will make this first chapter a character list. I have made the story 5 years after Marley gave birth to Toby and Lila.


Marley (24 years old) Tall,  long curly brown hair, green eyes, skinny but has curves.

Megan (24 years old) Tall, shoulder length think blond hair, brown eyes, skinny but has big boobs.

Carissa (24 years old) Short, long straight brown hair, brown eyes, really skinny.

Harry (24 years old) Tall, short curly brown hair, green eyes.

Niall (24 years old) Short, short blond hair, blue eyes.

Louis (26 years old) Tall, short brown brown hair, green eyes.

Liam (24years old) Tall, shaved brown hair, brown eyes.

Zayn (25 years old) Tall, dark brown hair with yellow highlight, brown eyes.

Mr. Healy - Marley's Dad (killed in jail)

Mrs. Healy - Marley's Mom (suffering from breast cancer)

Toby - Harry and Marley's son (first born) (5)

Lila - Harry and Marley's daughter (second born) (5)

Toby and Lila are the same age. Toby is just a few seconds older than Lila.


John - (25 years old) Reverse Order member (lead singer) - Used to be Megan's best friend but they stopped talking when Megan met Niall. John is like a brother to Megan.

Drew - (25 years old) Reverse Order member (guitar player)

Cruise - (25 years old) Reverse Order member (drummer)

Frank - (25 years old) Reverse Order member (base player)

John and Cruise are brothers.

Reverse Order is going to be One Direction's opening act.


Marley and Harry are still together (with two kids - Toby and Lila)

Megan and Niall are still together (with baby on the way - 7 months)

Carissa and Louis broke up

Carissa is now dating Drew (been dating for 3 months)

Liam is now dating Nia (been dating for 3 years)

Zayn is now dating Lexi (been dating for 2 years)

Louis is now dating Eleanor (been dating for 1 year)

Nia (24 years old) Liam and Nia met at a fair.

Lexi (25 years old) Zayn and Lexi met at a club.

Eleanor (26 years old) Louis and Eleanor met at wedding.


If any of you want to know what the boys of Reverse Order look like, I will try to upload a picture of them. Or just google them. I hope you guys will enjoy this sequel as much as you liked the first one!

I'm going to finish Stranded, and when I'm finished with that I will start this one. I can't wait!


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