Chosen By The Elements

The story is about Kathleen Erathos Jones. She is 16 and her dad died when she was five. She is fighting a lot with her mom, and when she needs to think, she goes to her grandmothers house. One day, something extraordinary happens. She finds out that she has powers. Powers her mom doesn't know about, and only her grandmother can explain. Something that'll change her life forever.
This is my first novel, so please don't judge too much if I make mistakes.
The story is based upon a dream I once had, and I've wanted to make a story line for it ever since. Enjoy!


2. Bedtime stories

My granny took a deep breath, and started talking

"Do you remember when you were a little girl, and your farther used to tell you bedtime stories?" She had that sweet look on her face, and suddenly I felt like a kid again. I nodded silently, and thought back. I thought about my dad, and my favorite story.


"Now what story do you want me to tell you Kathleen?" "I wanna hear the one about Shadow bender!" I did the puppy eyes, until I got my will, It always worked.

"Okay, far away in the city of Shuraas lived a little boy. The boy had no parents and lived on the street. He was poor and had no money for food or water. One day he got too weak to steal food, and he collapsed in the middle of the street. No on helped him, so he prayed for the Gods to help him, but no one came. He prayed for the elements to help him, but neither did they help him. He was sad, and he didn't want to die, so he sent out a final prayer, right before his last breath. The last prayer, was for the shadows to help him, and when the shadows saw his hate for the Gods and elements, they reached out with their cold grasp, and saved the boy.

From that day on, the boy no longer worshiped the Gods nor the elements. He walked hand in hand with the shadows and bended them with one purpose only. He wanted everyone else to feel the way he felt when he was just about to die. He trained for years, he is probably still training, and one day he will return to Shuraas and make everyone bow for the shadows."


My granny leaned back in the old dusty chair, and the creaking sound, made my aware of the fact, that I was just sitting and staring. I looked at her, and thoughts and questions were running around in my head like hundreds of flies in a small glass cylinder. I had so many things to say, and so many questions. My head felt 10 pounds heavier than before.

"All of the stories your farther told you were real. You are an elemental, a quite strong one actually. That's why you absorbed the fire, you focused too much. I've never seen anyone untrained that strong, and I have trained many. In the city of Shuraas, there is a school for young elementals like you. That's where you will find out what kind of elemental you are, even though I think, I've already figured that out.

The are three different kinds. The first one is the most normal; the one benders. Those benders can only bend one element, and that element is chosen from birth. The second kind, are not as common as the first, but they're not rare; The absorbers. Those are the people who cannot control their powers. They unwillingly absorb elements. They never know when or where it's gonna happen, and they almost always get their powers stripped for safety reasons. The third kind is very rare, and no one is really sure what they can do; The uniques. Those are the ones, who can bend things that others can't, or control more than one element. They are very strong, and when a Unique is discovered, they have a natural place in the royal palace."


   I think I'm gonna throw up. No, actually I think my grandma just lost her mind. That is the only logical reason. Because everything she just said sounded crazy, and if it's true, I probably fit in the second category.. the freaks! Those who are a danger to everyone else, because they have no self-control. Great!

I started looking around and searching. I went to the brown cabinet in the back of the room and looked through all the drawers. I was searching for drugs or a hidden camera. I found nothing and slowly peaked back at my grandma. She seemed amused by me, and I stepped away from the cabinet, in order to not embarrass myself further. 

"What now? What am I going to do with all of the things you just told me? I mean, I can't really go home now knowing I can burst in to flames every second." my voice was very accusing, but what else was I supposed to say? After a couple of seconds I realized what I'd said, and I instantly regretted being that harsh on her. After all you couldn't really call her young anymore. The only thing she did was smile at me and say 

"Of course you're going home silly. You'll have to bring some clothes and stuff, it's not like they have that lying around at the school." 

   What do I need my clothes and stuff for at school? Whatever that means... Wait, she said the school. Is she talking about that magical school in that fictional city? 

"The school in Shures?" I asked her very uncertain how to pronounce that weird city.

"It's Shuraas darling, and of course, where else would you go?" There was a sense of joy in her voice, I had never in my life heard before, and whenever she was happy, I couldn't do anything else than be happy too. 

   I guess I'm going to Shuraas?

I was still sceptic, but if me believing made her happy, it was definitely worth it.

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