Time Will Tell

Tate Polsier is a triplet. She has always had a good life. The best sisters, a loving mum. Her and her sisters, Kassie and Kimmi, decide to move to college. It all goes very wrong from there.


3. Trapped

I opened my eyes. I looked around realising that I wasn’t in the apartment anymore. ‘Hey baby.’ someone said from behind me. I went to stand up but I realised I was bound with some sort of cloth. ‘Who are you?’ I asked him, petrified. ‘I’m your boyfriend Aiden.’ He replied coming and sitting down on the bed. Shit Tate, You’re tied up on a bed and this dude is a psychopath! I thought to myself. ‘I haven’t had a boyfriend for 2 years.’ I stated. He was looking at me, lust written all over his face. ‘Well baby, you do now.’ He replied softly. ‘Now, if I untie you, you can’t run away. I’m fast, strong and I will kill you.’ He said his voice full of threat. I nodded, shocked. He gently untied the cloth from around my wrists and ankles. ‘There you go baby, better?’ He asked. ‘Yeah.’ I replied quietly. He pulled me into him. I went to flinch away but he looked into my eyes and I could see that he was serious about his threat. I let him cuddle me. He then lent down, slightly clearing his throat. Oh god, he wants me to kiss him! I thought. I pretended not to have heard him but he cleared his throat again, louder this time. I pressed my lips to his cheek quickly. ‘Come on baby, I love you, kiss me.’ He said, his voice pleading. I closed my eyes and grazed my lips against his. He sighed, pulling me back towards his lips. He kissed me passionately, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I tried not to retch. I pretended I was somewhere, anywhere, as long as it wasn’t here, I didn’t care.

Once he had finished, I asked him to go to the bathroom. He pointed me in the direction and I ran towards it. I only just managed to reach the toilet before being sick. I heard him running towards me. ‘Baby, what’s the matter?’ He asked, concern laced through his voice. ‘I ate some funny seafood, that’s all.’ I replied, trying to sound sincere. He held my hair back as I threw up again and then picked me up and carried me to the bed. ‘Rest baby, I’ll be back soon.’ He said soothingly, only to me it had the opposite effect. He left and I heard the key click in the lock. I looked out of the window to see my sisters walking past. I thumped on the window but they didn’t even turn around. I sank back onto the bed and cried myself to sleep. Please let me be back at the apartment when I wake up. 


I awoke to the sound of the door opening. Still in his apartment. Great. He came in with a teddy bear, a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates. ‘Hey baby.’ He said leaning down to kiss my forehead. ‘Hi.’ I replied. I noticed something in his hand. Condoms. ‘What are they for?’ I asked, knowing full well of the answer. ‘What do you mean, what are they for? We don’t want little ones running around.’ He replied, smiling at me. I cringed then realised that wasn’t the smartest thing to do. ‘Don’t you cringe! We are dating, $ex is a part of that!’ He shouted, throwing the teddy, flowers and chocolates on the bed. ‘Okay I’m sorry!’ I screamed, frightened. He loomed over me. ‘Well, now seems about right.’ He boomed, laughing. My mouth dropped open, but I closed it quickly, not wanting him to get any more ideas. He climbed onto the bed and straddled me. Typically, I wasn’t wearing jeans. ‘Great, easy access.’ He said looking me straight in the eye. I held back the tears. He tried but after two attempts of entering me he asked me a question. ‘Are you an f*cking virgin or something’? I nodded, biting my lip. ‘Well get ready, cause you won’t be soon.’ He said menacingly and he pushed himself into me. I let out a scream but he carried on. I couldn’t hold back the tears. It hurt so much. I wanted the ground to swallow me up. I wanted to die. 

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